Cooperation platform and knowledge database in one

The enprovia® nQ is collaboration solution which helps your teams to build wide corporate knowledge bases and makes sure, that no information silos occur. Almost everything that used to be shared via email is now kept where it can easily be shared, subscribed to and found through a powerful search facility.

Extending the concept of sharing

The basic idea with nQ is that you


Simple, smart, intuitive…

nQ takes care of collecting and keywording, storing and distributing the information for you. It uses an intuitive user interface with “keyword collections”, where each collection is represented by an image. By dropping the link, document or note onto the collection, specific keywords of the collection will be added to the shared information and then stored. By double-clicking on a collection you get a result list of all matching, shared documents, links and notes.

Any shared information can be discussed, commented on and shared further.

You can subscribe to keywords and authors and receive automatic notifications when something of your interest has been shared by someone else.

… and secure

nQ uses its own highly scalable multi-tenant database and search engine, that can be used either in-house at your premises or hosted by us. The nQ solution is hosted in Strasbourg according to the rules of the European Union.


enprovia nQ is available for Windows (XP, 7, Vista and Windows 8) and Mac OS X (from 10.8 upwards). A mobile client is available for Android and iOS is due out soon.