mDMS available for all common platforms

If you need mobile access to your corporate digital assets and you are contemplating enprovia's mDMS app, you do not need to worry about whether or not the mDMS is compatible with your smartphone or your company's document management system.  The mobile-enabled document management system is available for all common platforms and could be downloaded from iTunes or Marketplace. mDMS provides its users… Read more

When offline means fully accessible

Remote access to corporate files and all digital assets even in offline mode means a lot of support for your team workflow. Using mobile-enabled Document Management System in offline mode is easily possible and requires having the data located in your smartphone after you have searched them. All data you have remotely accessed can be securely stored in Vault storage and used when there is no internet… Read more

iPhone, BlackBerry, Phone 7½ all compatible with mDMS

After years of development in Smartphone area and much needed market research enprovia offers its mobile-enabled Document Management System mDMS application for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and also Microsoft Phone 7. This client app enables users to search and navigate through data located on their Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) or Document Management Systems (DMS). It uses the enprovia®… Read more

More options on the go

With all the possibilities we can get nowadays using Smartphones we would be crazy not to use all its potential to boost up our business as well. Games, videos, comfortable internet search½ these all interfere in our lives daily through Smart devices of all kinds and manufacturers. However, it really are the apps that make Smartphones such powerful tools so using its potential to help also in work… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions popular among users

Based on the recent customer feedback, enprovia mobile-enabled solutions, specifically the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) are helpful for their remote document management and smoother workflow. In cooperation with other international companies, enprovia's mobile-enabled solutions are reaching out to more and more countries, cities and companies. Customers are always looking for more,… Read more

enprovia® client app available for a whole range of Smartphones

enprovia's mobile-enabled Document Management System is currently available for several Smartphones and Tablet PCs such as Apple iPhone and iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7. Whichever of the mentioned smart devices is the most comfortable for you to use, you can always enhance it by installing the mDMS for your higher work efficiency.    mDMS sits on mobile enabler middleware… Read more

Meet mShop

eCommerce nowadays represents an efficient tool enabling merchants to enlarge their customer base by reaching out to new, potential clients, and increase their turnover. Smartphone application "mShop" by enprovia® represents easier and more comfortable access to your services - accepting credit cards and other payments on the go and moving existing company catalogues to Smart devices such as iPhone,… Read more

Smartphone and Mobile sales under the microscope

The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that the global mobile shipments in the second quarter of 2011 were 365.4 million units, including feature phones and Smartphones. That's up 11.3% year-on-year from the 328.4 million phones that IDC thinks shipped in Q2 2010.There are many app developers focusing mainly on Smartphones, enprovia being one of them. So looking at the Q2 statistics, Apple… Read more

enprovia® mobile enabler behind the scene

This easy-to-install and operate java-based mobile enabler middleware architecture runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers, and provides connectors with backend support for Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint® DMS / ECM and ASP services. It easily integrates with DMS, ECM, BPM, CRM, e-commerce and social network services and its connectors are available for various… Read more

Take advantage of mDMS offline mode

It is not only the online access to corporate documents that mDMS is offering its users.  If you are asking what an mDMS can do for you in an offline mode, here come some answers½Knowing that you need to have some docs available in your Smartphone after you "lose" the internet access (especially when travelling), you can store all needed documents into the so called Vault area (A password protected… Read more