Easy-to-use ECM client for Mac users

Using ECM clients can sometimes become a bit confusing, especially when the program is not very intuitive and makes us think too much about how to use various features. Enprovia's ECM client for Apple Macintosh users named "BlueJet" is a native, east-to-use Mac OS X client that enables its users to manage their corporate data easier than ever before. For the best possible support BlueJet features easy… Read more

Using eForms for instant data processing

enprovia® eForms is a tool for creating easy-to-process questionnaires for instant data collection, such as surveys, feedback or public polls. Filling out these electronic forms is very simple and gives you quick access to all collected information.  To insert data into an eForm you need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. After you enter your password a new window… Read more

Content management supported by BlueJet

This enterprise content management client for Apple Macintosh users supports its users in corporate data and content management. Once you have BlueJet installed on your computer and you are logged in you can start creating folders for your documents. Placing documents into folders can be done by a simple drag and drop and you can upload as many as you need within just a few moments. When dropping a… Read more

Easier file organization with Smart Document Integration

Smart Document Integration by enprovia is an enterprise smartphone app enabling a single tool remote access to all your corporate data. SDI integrates several tools for comfortable data access making all your documents, contracts, e-mails, images, audio and video files available in matter of seconds. The mobile enabler middleware architecture enables you to perform various types of search (keywords… Read more

A single tool back-end access

Accessing various back-ends with a single tool brings a lot of comfort. Whether we are talking about checking e-mails, accessing corporate files stored in desktop computers or file uploading, one app installed to your smartphone enables you to do it all with one single tool - Smart Document Integration (SDI). SDI enables its users to remotely access all their corporate data and stay informed about… Read more

Start 2012 with suitable support for your business

New year always brings into our lives new visions, challenges and opportunities. If you own a business you perceive these challenges even more intensely. So use these challenges to their full potential and help boost up your business. Last year was a year full of mobile-enabled solutions and those by enprovia supported many areas. Merchants and e-shop owners appreciate enprovia's mobile commerce app… Read more

How to reach various back-ends using a single tool

We all use various devices to fulfill various purposes. Phones to check our e-mails, desktop computers to access corporate files, one app enables us to do one thing while other app is the right tool for something else. enprovia® introduces a tool that enables you to access various back-ends with a single application installed to your smartphone and called it Smart Document Integration (SDI). SDI means… Read more

Corporate documents. Integrated.

Imagine a world in which you can use one tool to do anything. Right now it is a pretty unrealistic vision but what is more than realistic is to use one tool to remotely access all your corporate data. Enprovia introduces its SDI (Smart Document Integration), a tool that enables you to access various back-ends with a single application installed to your smartphone. Smart document integration enables… Read more

Accessing various back-ends with a single tool

After having our lives enriched by remote access to basically anything, it's time to move towards synchronizing that "anything" into a single access point enabling us to reach to various data with a single tool. Accessing a number of repositories like documents, photos, videos, e-mails, etc. using just one tool is what enprovia brings to its customers today. Smart document integration enables its users… Read more

BlueJet in daily use

BlueJet is an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users for easy management of all your corporate data. It provides you with comfortable access to your files and documents and keeps you informed about any changes happening within the document system. This Mac client is fully integrated into Mac OS X and compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems. BlueJet as a native east-to-use… Read more