Out of office a lot? Get enprovia® mDMS app

If you are among those who spend a lot of time out of their office, you probably also are among those who appreciate staying in touch with the daily work operations and processes. A fast connection to your corporate data like contracts, drawings, portfolios, schemes, images, audio files, etc. can be provided within seconds thanks to enprovia® mDMS app - an out-of-the-box solution available for all… Read more

enprovia® Software Engineering at CeBIT Hannover 2013

Visit enprovia® and its partner TechArrow at CeBIT, Hannover, Germany 5th thru 9th of March in Hall 5, Booth E04. See experienced consultants demonstrate live, in all the latest migration and enterprise mobile enabling solutions and services. Learn how to implement around-the-clock Quality Management while staying agile and reducing project costs. "It is important, a strategic imperative that we work… Read more

Best for business

PCworld.com has put together a chart of the best tablets for business, each one being a fabulous productivity tool that can be a viable alternative to a notebook PC.Apple iPad third generation  - defined by its amazingly sharp and crisp high-resolution display, as well as its option for 4G. The display, coupled with Apple's solid app ecosystem, makes this tablet the one to beat.Samsung Galaxy Note… Read more

Teams synchronize easily using enprovia® mDMS

Agile development always requires professional team, good planning methodology, talented committed developers and a vivid communication with all involved. This vivid glue that holds it all together and helps teams synchronize is the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS). mDMS ensures that all involved in the project (developers, team leaders, product owners, etc.) have 100% up-to-date information… Read more

Integrating your documents the smart way

Smart document integration (SDI) solution by enprovia provides its users with synchronized access to various users' backends, covering e-mails, repositories, databases or libraries. Using a smart device like iPhone, iPad, or any common android or windows device with enprovia SDI installed on it, you get access to all data stored in cloud just using one single app.  Smart document integration brings… Read more

SDI makes business user-friendly

Content fragmentation when your data sit in several repositories can make your business communication not only annoying but also inefficient. enprovia Smart Document Integration solution (SDI) makes access to your corporate data comfortable because it uses just one access point to various back ends. SDI lets its users perform a federated search across any repository they wish, providing them with a… Read more

SDI is all-in-one access

There are various places where one can store his corporate data, such as desktop computer, intranet, exchange server, Document Management System, the cloud in Sharepoint or Documentum. It is quite usual to use more than just one repository where all your content is stored and therefore you normally use various devices and apps to access these data.enprovia's SDI (Smart Document Integration) offers… Read more

SDI means your data synchronized into a sole access point

If you use Smart Document Integration solution you are able to use just one tool for comfortable access to your corporate documents, images, audio files, e-mails, etc. This means a comfortable data access and data processing allowing not only the advanced data search but also a fast data upload and secure offline storage of your corporate data.enprovia® SDI is a sole access solution enabling to perform… Read more

Back ends synchronized for most comfortable data access

If you ask how you could make your data search more comfortable when reaching out to various back ends the answer is hidden in three words - Smart Document Integration (SDI).Using the DSI federated search to seek certain data stored in your corporate database takes just a few seconds and allows also for secure storage for later offline use. You can seek any documents like contracts, HR profiles, or… Read more

How well do you manage your work when out of office?

Each one of has to face the „out of office" status from time to time and that is when we tend to be a bit tense. A few inevitable questions pop up in our minds with each step we take from our office, questions like „Do I have all the documents I need with me?", „Can I access all digital assets from where I am going?", and the classic: „Will I be informed on time if something changes?". There is nothing… Read more