Easier file organization with Smart Document Integration

Smart Document Integration by enprovia is an enterprise smartphone app enabling a single tool remote access to all your corporate data. SDI integrates several tools for comfortable data access making all your documents, contracts, e-mails, images, audio and video files available in matter of seconds. The mobile enabler middleware architecture enables you to perform various types of search (keywords… Read more

Online retail sales soared

According to the latest statistics shoppers spent nearly £8bn in December over the internet which is a 16.5% increase over the same period in 2010. Research by Capgemini retail consultancy, a record £68bn was spent online in 2011, which is a 16% increase on the previous year. Online purchasing has become popular for reasons we are all well aware of and merchants are therefore trying to move closer… Read more

Digital assets at your fingertips

The mDAM (Mobile Digital Asset Management) smartphone app provides its users with access to their digital assets library of images, videos and audio files. This is a permanent access that requires just the mDAM app installation into a smartphone. All your digital assets are ready to be used, fully searchable and manageable, both in online and also in offline mode. The app sits on the mobile enabler… Read more

A single tool back-end access

Accessing various back-ends with a single tool brings a lot of comfort. Whether we are talking about checking e-mails, accessing corporate files stored in desktop computers or file uploading, one app installed to your smartphone enables you to do it all with one single tool - Smart Document Integration (SDI). SDI enables its users to remotely access all their corporate data and stay informed about… Read more

Mobile-enabled access to documents

Permanent availability of your corporate files together with notification of any changes done to those files, that is the mobile-enabled Document Management System by enprovia®. If you can't carry all the important corporate documents with you to every meeting, you might want to try having a permanent access to them via your smartphone device. A single application provides you with 24/7 access to all… Read more

Start 2012 with suitable support for your business

New year always brings into our lives new visions, challenges and opportunities. If you own a business you perceive these challenges even more intensely. So use these challenges to their full potential and help boost up your business. Last year was a year full of mobile-enabled solutions and those by enprovia supported many areas. Merchants and e-shop owners appreciate enprovia's mobile commerce app… Read more

How to reach various back-ends using a single tool

We all use various devices to fulfill various purposes. Phones to check our e-mails, desktop computers to access corporate files, one app enables us to do one thing while other app is the right tool for something else. enprovia® introduces a tool that enables you to access various back-ends with a single application installed to your smartphone and called it Smart Document Integration (SDI). SDI means… Read more

Execute your Digital Asset Management via smartphone

Managing all your digital assets remotely has increased its popularity in 2011 thanks to managers and business executives' needs of having their corporate data available at any phase of their decision making and at any moment during important meetings or presentations. Having your corporate data at your fingertips at all times brings a valuable competitive advantage and shows a level of progressive… Read more

Creating dynamic questionnaires with eForms

For those who need to work with electronic questionnaires enprovia offers a solution called "eForms". A mobile-enabled tool providing its users with a flexible data collection and out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android. It helps you to create dynamic easy-to-process questionnaires supporting marketing intelligence surveys and integration with existing business… Read more

Discover the added value of nearshore outsourcing

Nearshoring is quite a common form of outsourcing, especially in areas like business and software development. For companies in western Europe is particularly interesting to outsource some of their projects to central Europe, which is quite cost efficient. There are no issues whatsoever with the distance or communication and countries in central Europe offer a lot of talented resources thanks to their well… Read more