Summer time is picture time

Summer is finally here after a slow start and that means a lot of great picture opportunities. If you are a photo enthusiast interested in technology, you might want to try out the mGallery app on your smartphone. Each photographer or photo fan can use this portfolio solution for presenting their work directly in their smartphone or tablet. Using mGallery, all images can be viewed in different resolutions.… Read more

Must-attend imaging event starts tomorrow

The world's largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries Photokina opens its gates from 18 till 23 September 2012 in Cologne, Germany. It is the photography highlight of the year, bringing together professional and amateur photographers, experts and fans, exhibitors and interested participants from all over the world. Photokina offers imaging professionals from around the globe an… Read more

Smartphone apps for photographers come handy after tons of summer adventure images

Summer full of great photo opportunities, locations and adventures is always appreciated not only by photographers. There is no better time to share all your experience than the end of summer when you can inspire others and maybe even get some tips and hints for yourself. Enprovia offers smartphone apps tailored to photo-enthusiasts' needs:"mGallery" is the latest mobile-enabled application for photographers… Read more

Mobile Gallery for all photo professionals and fans

No matter if professional or amateur, all photographers have one thing in common - sharing their masterpieces. Seeking an application that helps showcasing and managing your images don't overlook enprovia's mGallery - a mobile-enabled application for photographers offering a variety of ways to search, store and share your pictures. mGallery "search" feature allows you to search among Nikonians registered… Read more

Your photographs showcased via mGallery

enprovia's mobile-enabled application for photographers and imaging fans - mGallery enables its users to showcase their work anywhere on the move. mGallery offers its users a variety of features, such as „Search" that allows to search among Nikonians registered users/photographers and their images. After finding the photographer you were looking for you can „Bookmark" his/her portfolios and have their… Read more

mGallery supports showcasing of your photo portfolio

Spring is here, bringing us a variety of opportunities to capture the best moments of blooming nature. So why not to carry your albums with you at all times? mGallery enables you to present your photography portfolio at any time, for business or private purposes. enprovia mGallery app is a mobile-enabled application for all photography fans, offering a variety of ways to sort, store and share your… Read more

mGallery provides photographers with a remote access to their photos

enprovia mGallery is a portfolio solution for professional or semi-professional photographers who would like to showcase their work remotely via smartphone or tablet, having their portfolio at their fingertips at all times. This solution uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved. Images can further be viewed in different resolutions. Among other useful and user… Read more

18 months of mGallery support for photographers

It was back in July 2010 that enprovia launched its mobile-enabled application for photographers named mGallery. The idea behind mGalley was to help photographers showcase their work on the go, having their photographs available at all times. After one and a half years mGallery built up a stable base of regular users among professional and amateur photographers. The solution is based on cloud service… Read more

Mobile enabler brings photography content into your hands

THE NIKONIAN magazine is available to its users also via smartphones thanks to enprovia mobile enabler technology. It provides THE NIKONIAN app users with access to all free issues of THE NIKONIAN since 2003, including new, upcoming editions. The app allows for easy access to the complete online library of THE NIKONIAN and enables its users to download issues for later offline reading.For Nikon camera… Read more

Share your most memorable moments using enprovia mGallery

Thismobile-enabled smartphone application enables its users to present their photographs anywhere and anytime. Your most memorable moments can be shared with your friends, family members or even showed to your potential customers if you are a professional photographer.    mGallery allows for various views and a random mosaic display of images break the routine of a regular photo gallery and displaying… Read more