Smart Document Integration

And you thought SDI stands for Reagan's Star Wars? For us it is an integration platform to support ECM/DMS vendors and solution providers moving their offering to the cloud. We are rolling out the first versions of our SDI solution this year, a platform making it easier to provide access to existing ECM's through multiple devices, keeping them all in sync while providing various On-Demand services… Read more

Deutsche Telekom with enprovia technology

Deutsche Telekom uses components from enprovia in their latest cloud offering. The doculife solution by Swiss document specialist Scalaris AG provides enterprise users with a rich set of cloud based document-centric solutions. enprovia mobile enabling technology provides the mobile access to the services being offered, no matter if on iPad or on other devices. As a technology solution provider, our… Read more

On-Demand or On-Premise ECM?

As a vendor of mobile enabling technology for ECMs we are integrating with a large set of solutions and follow the ECM and DMS market development closely. There are definitely pros and cons with On-Premise vs. On-Demand and only knowing your specific requirements, you will be able to settle for one of the two.On-Demand is where we see a lot of traction right now where end users want to reduce cost… Read more