Using enprovia enterprise apps for efficient workflow

All managers working also on the go besides spending a lot of time in their offices, HR managers, Sales consultants, and even team leaders might highly appreciate mobile-enabled document management system that provides users with permanent (online and offline) access to corporate data just using a smartphone or a tablet. If you are more into field work as an engineer and you deal with Maintenance and… Read more

Merchants getting support by mCommerce

As you know enprovia mCommerceallows moving of the existing online stores into mobile devices. At the same time it enables merchants to comfortably accept credit cards and other payments on the go by simple "accept - deny" buttons. Moving your online shops, or better to say product catalogues into smartphones ensures that your customers can reach you and your products at any time without any special… Read more

Business apps to support you on the go

In the endless choice of apps there are certain apps to make our life a bit happier and there are those that make our lives easier. Smartphone business apps such as mDMS or mCommerce help users stay in touch with all relevant workflow when they are out of office, not able to directly reach for all their digital assets. These applications are designed to fully support connectivity to DMS or ECM systems… Read more

Why mobile commerce matters

eCommerce has been helping merchants to rapidly enlarge their customer base and to increase their turnover. Mobile commerce has stepped even further providing comfortable access to merchants' products via smartphones. Among merchants' modern-day needs are also various apps allowing them to move their products into customers' smartphones and also to accept credit cards and other payments on the go.… Read more

Mobile commerce redefining store-based retail, cataloging and ecommerce

Mobile commerce nowadays provides a modern optimization of ecommerce bringing merchants closer to their customers with a great potential of expanding their customer base. Mcommerce helps merchants to get new customer platforms, providing their customers with easier and more comfortable access to services. Mcommerce solution by enprovia Software Engineering - mShop - allows for products, catalogues… Read more

Mcommerce Summit 2012 New York

The second annual Mcommerce Summit  2012 will take place on May 3 in New York, offering a State of Mobile Commerce 2012 conference, featuring speakers from Citi, Amazon's Zappos, Travelocity, and more. This day-long New York event is a must-attend for retailers, brands, marketers, ad agencies and publishers conscious about effective mobile commerce strategies.The summit is organized at the National… Read more

eCommerce going mobile

By mobile-enabling your eCommerce solutions you open up a new customer channel attracting customers that are among samrtphones and tables users. eCommerce can go mobile thanks to enprovia mShop application allowing its users to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions "out-of-the-box" with a low investment and no transaction fee.    If you own an online store you can use the mShop app to move… Read more

More options on the go

With all the possibilities we can get nowadays using Smartphones we would be crazy not to use all its potential to boost up our business as well. Games, videos, comfortable internet search½ these all interfere in our lives daily through Smart devices of all kinds and manufacturers. However, it really are the apps that make Smartphones such powerful tools so using its potential to help also in work… Read more

Document-centric applications you should have in your Phone

Many business people use their Smartphone devices to mange their business issues as well as to get more efficient workflow. Nowadays it is possible to choose from a range of apps to pump up your business. Those among document-centric solutions running on most commonly used smartphones are e.g. mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) and mobile commerce (mShop).mDMS enables you to access and… Read more

Look behind the scene of mobile-enabled apps

enprovia's mobile-enabled applications like mDMS and mShop are built up on a mobile enabler middleware architecture that allows remote access to your corporate data and is compatible with various backend systems. Mobile enabler architecture runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers and it takes just a few days to implement it and synchronize with your existing system. It has a small footprint and… Read more