Outsourcing for startups

Startups can cut costs and reduce risks if they outsource their software engineering, especially if combined with a strategy of growing assets over time, building up in-house talent and ensuring quality of deliverables throughout the software development lifecycle. Read more

Best for business

PCworld.com has put together a chart of the best tablets for business, each one being a fabulous productivity tool that can be a viable alternative to a notebook PC.Apple iPad third generation  - defined by its amazingly sharp and crisp high-resolution display, as well as its option for 4G. The display, coupled with Apple's solid app ecosystem, makes this tablet the one to beat.Samsung Galaxy Note… Read more

Teams synchronize easily using enprovia® mDMS

Agile development always requires professional team, good planning methodology, talented committed developers and a vivid communication with all involved. This vivid glue that holds it all together and helps teams synchronize is the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS). mDMS ensures that all involved in the project (developers, team leaders, product owners, etc.) have 100% up-to-date information… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions for US consumers

US consumers can now use enprovia mobile-enabled solutions providing them with mobile access to corporate data via smart phones, tablet PCs or regular laptops.With mobile-enabled document management system installed on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone, customers can update status and due dates, assign approvals, review all previous versions of documents and share not only document… Read more

Start 2012 with suitable support for your business

New year always brings into our lives new visions, challenges and opportunities. If you own a business you perceive these challenges even more intensely. So use these challenges to their full potential and help boost up your business. Last year was a year full of mobile-enabled solutions and those by enprovia supported many areas. Merchants and e-shop owners appreciate enprovia's mobile commerce app… Read more

Mobile solutions for enterprises

Dealing with a lot of business decisions everyday can be eased down with usage of the right business tools. In this case - smartphone and the right business application to go with. Mobile solutions for enterprises by enprovia provide remote access to enterprise document management systems and enable its users comfortable search among documents and digital assets as well as simple and quick document… Read more

Smartphones supporting enterprises with smart document management

Since mobile computing through smartphones has to some degree become an alternative to laptop computers providing some advanced features it comes as no surprise that its popularity increases. And so does the eagerness of its users for new devices and applications. Better phone processors allow for higher quality of photos, videos and communication, as well as data processing. Digital asset management… Read more

One device, one technology, full access

Using smartphones for various organizational purposes, planning, communication and synchronization has become a decent support of our daily work routine. With the right applications smartphones can unveil its full potential and help enterprises staying efficient. If you posses an iPhone or iPad, you have taken the first step towards a smart and efficient data management. Technology behind this full… Read more

BlueJet in daily use

BlueJet is an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users for easy management of all your corporate data. It provides you with comfortable access to your files and documents and keeps you informed about any changes happening within the document system. This Mac client is fully integrated into Mac OS X and compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems. BlueJet as a native east-to-use… Read more

Taking advantage of mDMS offline mode

Remote access to your corporate files is a little tool bringing a lot of comfort. However, there a more to it than just the access when being in a wi-fi environment. Mobile-enabled Document Management System gives you opportunity to use its potential also in an offline mode.Once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in so called "Vault"… Read more