enprovia® initiates another University co-op

enprovia® Software Engineering has recently started cooperation with another university, after Bratislava, Banska Bystrica IT department gets a chance to work directly with the industry. Getting value and credibility by cooperating with software engineering company, University of Matej Bel welcomes this opportunity. A few months ago enprovia® initiated a meeting with the head of the IT department at… Read more

enprovia® sponsoring student IT conference in Bratislava, Slovakia

Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (FIIT)  in Bratislava invites all IT enthusiasts to the annual IT conference IIT.SRC, this year held on 23 April 2013. The conference focuses on presenting research results of Informatics and Information technology students achieved in various projects. The best works are offered to be published in Information Sciences and Technologies magazine. enprovia®… Read more

enprovia opens new office in Banska Bystrica

enprovia is expanding its team of developers and opened a new office in downtown of Banska Bystrica.The new place is a generous 400 m2 office space, walkable distance from the historical centre. Recently reconstructed building with nice views offers a good and warm work environment for all our current and also potential team members. Read more

enprovia's new office in Minsk, Belarus

enprovia® has recently strengthened its connections to talented SW engineers in Belarus which resulted in enprovia opening an office in Minsk. After establishing its HQ in Slovakia in 2006, and opening another office in southern Germany shortly after, enprovia has a new office space in eastern Europe from July 2012. As the company grows based on enlarging projects and cooperation with our customers,… Read more

Agile software development conference in Bratislava on 6th June

All interested in agile software development and practises for most efficient software delivery are welcome to join the enprovia® Scrum day on 6th June in Bratislava, Slovakia. Among the main reasons to join is the opportunity to learn about day-to-day experiences with Scrum from companies working for over ten years with agile methodologies as well as understand how to avoid common mistakes, discuss… Read more

Content management supported by BlueJet

This enterprise content management client for Apple Macintosh users supports its users in corporate data and content management. Once you have BlueJet installed on your computer and you are logged in you can start creating folders for your documents. Placing documents into folders can be done by a simple drag and drop and you can upload as many as you need within just a few moments. When dropping a… Read more

Start 2012 with suitable support for your business

New year always brings into our lives new visions, challenges and opportunities. If you own a business you perceive these challenges even more intensely. So use these challenges to their full potential and help boost up your business. Last year was a year full of mobile-enabled solutions and those by enprovia supported many areas. Merchants and e-shop owners appreciate enprovia's mobile commerce app… Read more

Accessing various back-ends with a single tool

After having our lives enriched by remote access to basically anything, it's time to move towards synchronizing that "anything" into a single access point enabling us to reach to various data with a single tool. Accessing a number of repositories like documents, photos, videos, e-mails, etc. using just one tool is what enprovia brings to its customers today. Smart document integration enables its users… Read more

How to process data with eForms

If you need to collect data using a questionnaire or a similar electronic form you can do so easily by using enprovia eForms application. It is an intuitive app that can be used as a part of mobile-enabled document management system, or as an individual app. eForms helps you create dynamic questionnaires and collect data in a comfortable way. eForms allows you to access and fill out forms and questionnaires… Read more

Receiving important alerts directly to your smart device

Are you asking how to receive alerts about important changes in your enterprise documents directly into your smartphone? With enprovia's mobile-enabled document management system it is a swift action requiring clicking on notification button and choosing "Subscribe to changes". This is also the way to unsubscribe. Using the notification of changes you stay comfortably up-to-date having an overview… Read more