Best for business has put together a chart of the best tablets for business, each one being a fabulous productivity tool that can be a viable alternative to a notebook PC.Apple iPad third generation  - defined by its amazingly sharp and crisp high-resolution display, as well as its option for 4G. The display, coupled with Apple's solid app ecosystem, makes this tablet the one to beat.Samsung Galaxy Note… Read more

Teams synchronize easily using enprovia® mDMS

Agile development always requires professional team, good planning methodology, talented committed developers and a vivid communication with all involved. This vivid glue that holds it all together and helps teams synchronize is the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS). mDMS ensures that all involved in the project (developers, team leaders, product owners, etc.) have 100% up-to-date information… Read more

Alfresco Mobile 1.2 now available in App store

Alfresco, the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management, launched their Alfresco Mobile 1.2 which is now available in the App Store. The new Alfresco Mobile connects to Alfresco Enterprise (3.4 and above), Alfresco Team, and Alfresco Cloud and provides access to your corporate documents on the go.The new Alfresco Mobile 1.2 features:  Quickoffice HD integration: Enables to open… Read more

Smart Document Integration

And you thought SDI stands for Reagan's Star Wars? For us it is an integration platform to support ECM/DMS vendors and solution providers moving their offering to the cloud. We are rolling out the first versions of our SDI solution this year, a platform making it easier to provide access to existing ECM's through multiple devices, keeping them all in sync while providing various On-Demand services… Read more

Deutsche Telekom with enprovia technology

Deutsche Telekom uses components from enprovia in their latest cloud offering. The doculife solution by Swiss document specialist Scalaris AG provides enterprise users with a rich set of cloud based document-centric solutions. enprovia mobile enabling technology provides the mobile access to the services being offered, no matter if on iPad or on other devices. As a technology solution provider, our… Read more

BlueJet in daily use

BlueJet is an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users for easy management of all your corporate data. It provides you with comfortable access to your files and documents and keeps you informed about any changes happening within the document system. This Mac client is fully integrated into Mac OS X and compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems. BlueJet as a native east-to-use… Read more

First 6 months of BlueJet

Six months ago enprovia® launched an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users known as BlueJet. BlueJet is a native east-to-use Mac OS X client (fully integrated into Mac OS X and compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems) that enables its users to manage their corporate data.   Among its main features belong an easy editing of documents within ECM and DMS systems, synchronization… Read more

DMS EXPO 2011 Stuttgart

Europe's leading trade fair and conference for enterprise content, output and document management DMS EXPO takes place from 20 September to 22 September 2011 and it's being organized by Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH. This year's hot topics are covering areas of Enterprise content management, Document management, Web content management, Business process management, Records management, Information life-cycle… Read more

BlueJet gains popularity

Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users - BlueJet - gains popularity among Mac users as it enables an intuitive and easy data management.   Those who tried BlueJet mention especially its easy file uploading and advanced search functionality with search history for easier orientation. For data upload you can use a simple drag and drop style and you can upload as many as you need… Read more

"BlueJet" client for an easy content management

"BlueJet" by enprovia® is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) client for Apple Macintosh users. It is a native Mac OS X client enabling its users to manage their corporate data fast and easily. In other words it provides comfortable access to your corporate documents while keeping you informed about any changes happening within the system.Some of the main features of BlueJet include easy editing… Read more