All-touchscreen A10 - BlackBerry's next flagship has informed smart tech fans about BlackBerry's next flagship smartphone - all-touchscreen BlackBerry A10, that will launch during the holidays.Based on the available information, the BlackBerry A10 will occupy the highest tier, moving the Z10 and keyboard-equipped Q10 to the midtier. The company chose to launch its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system with the all-touchscreen Z10,… Read more

Latest version of mobile Document Management System client for BlackBerry brings new design and improved features

This week enprovia® unveiled a new version of its mobile Document Management System (mDMS) client for BlackBerry, giving users direct access to their processes and documents while on the go. The latest version comes with a new design and new improved features for the most comfortable business use. Using enprovia® mDMS client enables a secure storage and management of your corporate data whenever you… Read more

mDMS available for all common platforms

If you need mobile access to your corporate digital assets and you are contemplating enprovia's mDMS app, you do not need to worry about whether or not the mDMS is compatible with your smartphone or your company's document management system.  The mobile-enabled document management system is available for all common platforms and could be downloaded from iTunes or Marketplace. mDMS provides its users… Read more

BlackBerry 10 Prototype

This week Research in Motion unveiled prototypes of the new BlackBerry phone hardware and software, although the company's demonstrations raised concerns about its ability to produce final versions on time.  RIM is now focusing a lot on its new BlackBerry 10 operating system since its global market share fell to 6.7 percent during the first quarter of this year and the company needs to shake things… Read more

RIM BlackBerry to focus on business clients

As informed today, Research in Motion is to pull back from trying to compete with Apple's iPhone and the Android mobile platform and prefers to return to its original focus on business users.RIM claimed they will focus their future efforts on devices that „employees would want to buy on their own and bring to the corporate environment". RIM was exploring partnerships and other opportunities… Read more

Taking advantage of mDMS offline mode

Remote access to your corporate files is a little tool bringing a lot of comfort. However, there a more to it than just the access when being in a wi-fi environment. Mobile-enabled Document Management System gives you opportunity to use its potential also in an offline mode.Once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in so called "Vault"… Read more

More options on the go

With all the possibilities we can get nowadays using Smartphones we would be crazy not to use all its potential to boost up our business as well. Games, videos, comfortable internet search½ these all interfere in our lives daily through Smart devices of all kinds and manufacturers. However, it really are the apps that make Smartphones such powerful tools so using its potential to help also in work… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions popular among users

Based on the recent customer feedback, enprovia mobile-enabled solutions, specifically the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) are helpful for their remote document management and smoother workflow. In cooperation with other international companies, enprovia's mobile-enabled solutions are reaching out to more and more countries, cities and companies. Customers are always looking for more,… Read more

QNX BlackBerry Superphone

Some rumors have been spread around claiming that the upcoming QNX BlackBerry Superphone will be a "Mini-PlayBook". Based on the available info it should be nearly identical to the PlayBook, including a front-facing camera. However, it should be much smaller in size.BlackBerry Superphone's video chat capabilities should be deeply integrated into BBM. Perhaps the BBM video chat will enable its users… Read more

Research In Motion to ensure its popularity

This September will Research In Motion release an updated version of its affordable BlackBerry Curve handset through Vodafone in the UK, in order to ensure the product's popularity among young consumers.Prices have not been specified yet, but are expected to be in line with the £110 to £120 range of Curve phones issued during the last two years for pre-paid customers.BlackBerry phones are used by 7… Read more