mGallery holds all your photos in your pocket

enprovia’s Mobile gallery celebrates its 4th birthday by releasing its Android version. Used by photographers as well as amateurs and photo fans, mGallery is a mobile-enabled application for showcasing photographers’ art work.It is an application used for displaying your photos using tablet or smartphone, based on a cloud solution provided by the largest NIKON user online community. It offers a variety… Read more

Tool for automatic migration of large volumes of documents and files

We have recently developed a client-based tool, that can run on various operative systems, for migration of large volumes of documents and files into enterprise content management (ECM) and document management systems (DMS). The rules-based application has an output connector architecture allowing it to feed data into various target systems according to selected connector.The process of the data migration… Read more

enprovia teams across Europe expanding

enprovia has recently expanded its teams across Europe as a result of vital project development, together with a number of new projects starting soon. After a great recruiting campaign we can happily welcome new team members who came on board.We are glad to have new professional and eager support to our teams, particularly addition to our sales team in Germany, new developers in central Slovakia office,… Read more

Automated tests development using Sikuli

At enprovia we’ve been using Sikuli IDE for automated tests development, and we have implemented a number of new features into our test suite, e.g.:- Taking screenshots when a test case fails- Screen recording during test case runs – when a test case starts, desktop streaming is launched via VLC Media Player, which is called by a .bat file that is launched at the beginning of every test case. If a… Read more

Automated web browser testing using Selenium

Our team of testers has recently been using Selenium for automated web browser testing, appreciating its features when creating test cases. There are two options when creating a test case - tester can use either Selenium IDE or Selenium API for Java. When using Selenium IDE, it is possible to create test cases using:- Recording feature – it is possible to record the steps of a test by simply hitting… Read more

Automation in Quality Assurance

Lately, enprovia® has been introducing more and more automation into its QA in order to provide better quality and value for the customer.  It is essential for development and maintenance processes as well as for the mobile applications to have a robust test set covering all potential threats.enprovia® uses automation tool that enables running test script on Android and iOS devices. It provides a variety… Read more

enprovia® Mobile Forms celebrating 2nd Birthday

enprovia® Mobile Forms have been assisting its users with data collecting on the go,  enabling easy information processing for 2 years now. Mobile forms are accessible via smartphones and tablets providing a user-friendly interface for data collection. As a result it reduces the distribution time and effort and allows for a fast response. Our Mobile Forms allow for simple as well as complex form and… Read more

Enterprise solution for German market

The new enterprise cloud solution for German market based on enprovia's mobile enabler technology is providing its customers with complete document lifecycle management, where all data is managed efficiently and directly in the cloud.The solution enables its users to share data and files within departments and teams for the most efficient and safe information exchange. This complete solution for automated… Read more

One of the non-enterprise family

For our American client enprovia® has developed a social network app (Android and iPhone friendly) that finds out who likes you and enables you to connect with those people in the network, if you are interested. The app suggests people and you can "Like" or "Pass" and if there is a mutual understanding, you can chat within the app. The app is completely anonymous and users will never know you liked… Read more

Latest enterprise mobile client for iOS 7 available

A SpringCM enterprise mobile client for iOS 7 is now available after a facelift and some improvements by enprovia® team to the application for even more efficient workflow. This iPhone/iPad app enables its users to safely share files and get their work done also on the go. Users can access, view and manage their files directly on their iPhone and iPad, update document status and share files with a… Read more