Outsourcing for startups

Startups can cut costs and reduce risks if they outsource their software engineering, especially if combined with a strategy of growing assets over time, building up in-house talent and ensuring quality of deliverables throughout the software development lifecycle. Read more

Corporate Mobile Strategy

A mobile strategy is way more than managing any mobile devices that employees might bring with them into the corporate IT landscape. It must contain a plan with policies on how to secure the company's edge, enabling new, simpler ways of working with existing processes and applications. Read more

Smart Document Integration makes work more systematic

Comfortable remote access to your corporate files every time it is need could make your workflow more systematic and the decision making processes more flexible. Having the access to various back ends covered by a single tool means we do not have to worry about losing time for inefficient data search and login in to various systems.  Smart Document Integration (SDI) ensures systematic and efficient… Read more

Mobile paper capture with iPad

There are several products available to allow you to scan while being mobile, such as Xerox MobileScanner or Brookstones iConvert scanner for iPad. For enterprise users, it only makes sense to use such scanners if they are connected with your regular ECM infrastructure, allowing you to easily capture, OCR and store the documents in your ECM being well indexed, potentially kicking off a workflow with… Read more

Secure mobile storage with enprovia

Our mobile solutions come with enterprise-level secure storage, making it possible for information managers and others who must have access to enterprise data, to keep the information secure on their mobile devices, iPads and laptops. enprovia's secure vault technology allows documents and business objects to be stored using strong encryption, being independent of the underlaying operative system.… Read more

Deutsche Telekom with enprovia technology

Deutsche Telekom uses components from enprovia in their latest cloud offering. The doculife solution by Swiss document specialist Scalaris AG provides enterprise users with a rich set of cloud based document-centric solutions. enprovia mobile enabling technology provides the mobile access to the services being offered, no matter if on iPad or on other devices. As a technology solution provider, our… Read more

Orange France with mobile solution from enprovia

Our solutions partner mobilagile together with Orange France provides enterprise mobility using our mobile enabler platform. More info (in French) on the Orange partner page. Read more

German large scale document cloud services with enprovia

The document cloud service "doculife" from Swiss solutions provider Scalaris AG, using enprovia's technology for its mobile access, is now also used and provisioned by Deutsche Telekom. doculife provides various document centric services in the cloud and is hosted by T-Systems on EMC2 hardware. Read more

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform from enprovia

Our Mobile Enabler solution framework provides solution providers with a set of capabilities that can be used for custom specific project development as well as together with our out-of-the-box products for e.g. document management, mobile capture, electronic forms and e-commerce. Our framework is java based and uses the OSGi standard, making it possible to deploy logic and connectors in a running… Read more