In the picture

The Mobile enabler middleware architecture allows me to have a user access to my enterprise data 24/7. It enables me to interact and do business with our customers, and that is all happening just by using a Smartphone and the right application. This technology helps me stay aware of all changes done to our company documents, which is highly appreciated due to work efficiency increase. Keeping the workflow… Read more

Have you thought of mobile enabling your Digital Assets?

Mobile enabled data are becoming more and more popular while they ease our decision-making processes on the move and allow us to stay in the picture with less effort. Mobile Digital Asset Management (mDAM) enables you to have access to your library of digital assets (digital images, videos, audio files) at any time via your Smartphone. All your digital assets are just a click away and they are fully… Read more

Move forward and mobile-enable your business applications

If you want to be successful keep your eyes wide open. Nowadays top companies are discovering that assigning mobile access to critical business applications can increase earnings and productivity. In this blog I would like to focus on enprovia® mobile enabler. It's a service allowing users fast access to secure information content and much more. Business conversations are as important as business processes.… Read more

mDMS gives you a secure access to your corporate data on the go

The need for permanent access to your corporate data goes hand in hand with your company workflow and efficiency. Being able to make decisions on the go gives us all a competitive advantage over our competitors. If you need to have your data available at all times and you also need to be notified of any changes that are happening in your document management system, you would appreciate mobile enabled… Read more

Microsoft Phone 7 a part of mDMS family

If you are a MS Phone 7 fan, enprovia® has some good news for you. We have just launched Microsoft Phone 7 client app, enabling users to search and navigate through data located on their Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) or Document Management Systems (DMS). This app is basically for those Phone 7 users who need a frequent or permanent access to their enterprise documents and need to keep… Read more

Mobile business a bit more flexible

Having the opportunity to mobile-enable the existing business solution and make decisions on the go makes the professional life easier and a bit more synchronized. Some time ago I wouldn't think of possibility to control my cash flow while being out of office. Getting to know the mobile enabler with its generic rules engine, I am starting to change my mind. Flexible rules engine enables its users to… Read more

enprovia® mDMS on the Android Market

enprovia® mobile Document Management System (mDMS) allows its users to connect to their Document Management System (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) using their iPad/iPhone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. The latest release of mDMS for Android is now available also on the Android Market. With enprovia® mDMS you can search and navigate through folders and documents located… Read more

New trend of going mobile rolls at full speed

enprovia® mobile enabler middleware architecture represents a new trend in businesses going mobile. It shortens the time to market solutions and services and increases the number of mobile device types that can connect. Currently  you can enjoy the applications and their features via iPhone, iPad, Android, RIM Blackberry and Windows mobile 7. This architecture easily integrates with DMS's, ECM's, BPM's,… Read more

Mobile enabled Document Management System is the future

It was back in the 1980s when the need for processing loads of paper documents became more relevant and so the software vendors started to focus on solving this issue in a painless and user-friendly way. This process had to undergo a complicated evolution through various "perfection" stages, since being able to digitally store and process documents, photos, faxes, etc. became more and more important… Read more

Describe a problem or issue using an image

Quality Management folks typically write a lot when describing and reporting software defects, right? Well, yes, but not always. As a QA engineer, you want to be as precise as possible as not to avoid misunderstandings, yet you want to be efficient, not spending unnecessary amount of time on something that could have been done smoother and faster. Having a tool that easily lets you capture the part… Read more