History not repeating in the IT industry

It's been 60 years since the first electronic computers were developed and they were the size of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modern PCs. Let us just say, thank god it is not only true anymore and a device that can fit in the palm of our hand today is as powerful and fast as a computer.Let us have a closer look at the efficiency of contemporary Smartphones and Tables through… Read more

Will Smartphones prevail in the enterprise?

The recent soaring development of Smartphones and its popularity might lead to a thought that this trend will not sustain. To the contrary, more and more companies are integrating strategies based on mobile computing. Smartphones have become a part of the 21st century lifestyles, not excluding enterprises which integrate Smartphones willingly, before it's too late.Smartphones bring the functionality… Read more

Why is it good to have mDMS app?

As enterprises adopt Smartphones, the appropriate app selection is becoming more important. If Smartphones should make our workflow more efficient, then having mobile-enabled Document Management System app is an inevitable part of your enterprise remote management. What does the mDMS app bring to its users: 1, Flexibility in decision making when out of office 2, Access to all corporate documents in… Read more

Smartphones used heavily to report about Ice Hockey World Championship

Have you seen the journalists' corner of this year's Ice Hockey World Championship? Great synchronization of acumen, knowledge and technology. Besides the great sport commitment happening every day, it is also interesting to watch what is going on behind the scene.For every journalist, especially the ones reporting from the field, it is crucial to have great connectivity to their database and colleagues.… Read more

Upload text docs into your DMS using Smartphone

Managing our work remotely is always a bit of a pain. To lessen this pain we can upload texts documents via Smartphone or Tablet PC directly info the DMS or ECM, keeping our colleagues up-to-date. Notes from business meetings, minutes, reminders and basically all textual notes you create in your Smartphone or Tablet can be uploaded to your corporate database. Do to the Text upload you need to open… Read more

Are you familiar with mobile enabler technology?

Mobile enabler technology helps you reduce your corporate system complexity without modifying the existing system you use in your company. This technology provides you access to your corporate data when on the move, using devices like Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7.Our customers are using enprovia® mobile enabler mostly for the remote access to their documents… Read more

Leverage Smartphone technology and gain competitive advantage

Smartphones and Tablets have shown us new ways of doing business using customized applications and efficiently managing our workflow on the move. It is smart to use the whole potential of a Smartphone or a Table PC and use every advantage these devices are offering.  Enterprise mobility is a new up-and-coming trend increasing work efficiency and lessening the work effort. It can be difficult to stay… Read more

Voice upload helps us work more efficiently when on the move

If you need to upload some data directly to your DMS or ECM system, you don't necessarily have to be sitting in your office. I went to a press conference yesterday and used the mDMS Voice upload functionality to record data and store them directly to our DMS. How does it work? There are three simple steps to start the voice upload. First, open the folder you would like to place the recording into.… Read more

The need for mobile-enabled enterprise solutions is given in France

It is not only the USA and Asia asking for mobile-enabled enterprise solutions anymore. Europe is keeping up with this trend asking for access to enterprise documents and processes when on the go. After companies in Germany, Switzerland and England, more and more western European companies have showed interest in our mobile enabled solutions providing access to their Document Management System or Enterprise… Read more

Smartphones and tablets replacing laptops on the go?

Thanks to great built-in functionalities of Smartphones and tablets, users can do things much more quickly and with less effort than with laptop computers. It is not only about staying organized using electronic diaries, contacts lists and automatic reminders. Smartphone devices in combination with right applications also allow us to stay in touch with our Document Management System, Enterprise Resource… Read more