Describe a problem or issue using an image

Quality Management folks typically write a lot when describing and reporting software defects, right? Well, yes, but not always. As a QA engineer, you want to be as precise as possible as not to avoid misunderstandings, yet you want to be efficient, not spending unnecessary amount of time on something that could have been done smoother and faster. Having a tool that easily lets you capture the part… Read more

Annotating images with wirelessly connected camera

Annotate Expert, a specialized image annotation tool running under MS Windows, which we are supplying to architects, photographers, civil engineering and MRO in general, now supports wireless, tethered operation. A camera equipped with an EyeFi card can now seamlessly send the images to the Annotate Expert software, where they can easily be annotated (partial areas of an image can be tagged/commented… Read more

Web based frameworks

We as a company are often involved in creating web based tools and platforms for our customers and made us work with quite a rich set of various frameworks over the years. Here are some short reflections on the frameworks we have recently been using. Would be great if you 'd let us know what your own experiences have been on any of these.PlayRuns on Python based tools code in Java - sort of cool especially… Read more