Tablet-specific apps in corporate hands

A survey conducted by ChangeWave Research focused on tablet-specific apps usage in the enterprise. The results showed a variety of tablet-specific apps that are most commonly used by companies. The winning positions belonged to internet access, e-mail checking and working away from the office. Here is the complete list with the percentage of all polled companies:-Internet access: 73%-Checking e-mail:… Read more

RIM PlayBook and HP Touchpad in the enterprise?

Are we going to see large quantities of Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook and Hewlett Packard Touchpad in the enterprises anytime soon? Based upon the current feedback given by leading media to RIM on its device, at least it seems doubtful that the droves will be as large as RIM hopes.HP then? Well, too early to say, but they will be looking closely to how RIM is messing up its entry to the… Read more