One device, one technology, full access

Using smartphones for various organizational purposes, planning, communication and synchronization has become a decent support of our daily work routine. With the right applications smartphones can unveil its full potential and help enterprises staying efficient. If you posses an iPhone or iPad, you have taken the first step towards a smart and efficient data management. Technology behind this full… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions popular among users

Based on the recent customer feedback, enprovia mobile-enabled solutions, specifically the mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) are helpful for their remote document management and smoother workflow. In cooperation with other international companies, enprovia's mobile-enabled solutions are reaching out to more and more countries, cities and companies. Customers are always looking for more,… Read more

First 6 months of BlueJet

Six months ago enprovia® launched an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users known as BlueJet. BlueJet is a native east-to-use Mac OS X client (fully integrated into Mac OS X and compatible with most common ECM and DMS systems) that enables its users to manage their corporate data.   Among its main features belong an easy editing of documents within ECM and DMS systems, synchronization… Read more

mCommerce closing the merchant-customer gap

There are many ways how to ensure a higher turnover and mCommerce is definitely one of them. If merchants can be closer to their customers, reacting flexibly on their demands or enabling more comfortable access to their services, customers will appreciate it.    Based on the above mentioned facts we have created and tailored to merchants' need an app that allows merchants to accept credit cards and… Read more

Direct document upload info DMS

One of the useful functionalities of mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) is the direct upload of documents into your corporate DMS or ECM.Uploading textual docs is done in a few simple steps. At first you open the folder you would like to place the data into. Next you click on the arrow at the top right corner and select the "Text upload" option. Now you are ready to start processing your… Read more

Document-centric applications you should have in your Phone

Many business people use their Smartphone devices to mange their business issues as well as to get more efficient workflow. Nowadays it is possible to choose from a range of apps to pump up your business. Those among document-centric solutions running on most commonly used smartphones are e.g. mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) and mobile commerce (mShop).mDMS enables you to access and… Read more

THE NIKONIAN finally in your iPad

If you are one of those who like using their time efficiently, you might enjoy the new service provided by Nikonians in cooperation with enprovia. Thanks to the mobile-enabler technology you can now enjoy all the info that magazine THE NIKONIAN brings just by using your iPad. Enabling the magazine content via iPad is a result of the recent cooperation. Getting some additional information while waiting… Read more

DMS EXPO 2011 Stuttgart

Europe's leading trade fair and conference for enterprise content, output and document management DMS EXPO takes place from 20 September to 22 September 2011 and it's being organized by Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH. This year's hot topics are covering areas of Enterprise content management, Document management, Web content management, Business process management, Records management, Information life-cycle… Read more

Mobile-enabled Digital Assets

Having your data available at all times, especially on the go brings a valuable competitive advantage and makes your decision-making processes more efficient. With less effort, of course. Have you thought of mobile enabling your digital assets?mDAM - Mobile Digital Asset Management provides you with access to your library of digital assets - digital images, videos, audio files, etc. - at any time just… Read more

Smartphone Apps by enprovia®

There has been a number of blog entries written in this forum focusing on mobile apps by enprovia®. Here you can find the complete list, also with sources of further product information and demos:mDMS - Enables you to access your corporate data when you are not sitting in your office.… Read more