enprovia business smart apps

enprovia develops a variety of business smartphone applications and among the most popular ones built upon mobile-enabler architecture are mobile-enabled Document Management System (mDMS), mobile-enabled eCommerce and eForms. eForms application enables to collect feedback or any data in the form of electronic forms using a user-friendly interface. Data collected in eForms are securely stored and available… Read more

Field engineers supported by eForms

When some time ago pilots stared bringing on board their aircrafts iPads with information such as operating manual, safety checklists, logbooks for entering airplane performance data, navigation charts, weather information, airport diagrams, etc.  instead of pile of documents it came as quite a shock. Now it is time for field engineers to spin the electronic wheel with processing information using… Read more

Easy information processing with eForms

enprovia has recently launched a new Smartphone app for creating dynamic questionnaires  and flexible data collecting - eForms. "eForms" is an app that enables its users to create, access and fill out forms and questionnaires in matter of minutes and allows to process all the date quickly and easily. eForms is accessible via Smartphones and Tablet PCs enabling its users to create forms using a user-friendly… Read more

e-forms for mobile devices

We are providing electronic forms across all common mobile devices based upon our Mobile Enabler technology platform. Forms can be designed, deployed and tested on multiple devices with an easy-to-use visual XML designer before production use. Data pulled out of forms can be transformed in various ways, e.g. rendered as documents and sent to DMS or ECM systems, as well as being sent and further processed… Read more