Apps helping you be more efficient

Visit enprovia's "Products" site to see what apps can help you better manage your enterprise. If you already are a Smartphone or a Tablet user, then you can do much more for your enterprise without any extra effort.What apps can help you be more efficient in your work?mDMS - mobile-enabled Document Management SystemEnables you to access your corporate data when you are not sitting in your office. This… Read more

Are you familiar with mobile enabler technology?

Mobile enabler technology helps you reduce your corporate system complexity without modifying the existing system you use in your company. This technology provides you access to your corporate data when on the move, using devices like Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM Blackberry, Google Android or Windows Phone 7.Our customers are using enprovia® mobile enabler mostly for the remote access to their documents… Read more

Leverage Smartphone technology and gain competitive advantage

Smartphones and Tablets have shown us new ways of doing business using customized applications and efficiently managing our workflow on the move. It is smart to use the whole potential of a Smartphone or a Table PC and use every advantage these devices are offering.  Enterprise mobility is a new up-and-coming trend increasing work efficiency and lessening the work effort. It can be difficult to stay… Read more

Using a Smartphone to stay in touch with the workflow becoming more and more popular

Not only the World mobile congress in Barcelona  early this year or CeBIT Hannover in March proved that Smartphones are making their way into enterprise. With the increasing need of staying informed about all processes going on in a company, raises also the need for Smartphone apps enabling the remote management. Working outside the office often increases the productivity since making business development… Read more

eCommerce on retailers' side

There is no doubt that eCommerce has rapidly increased the ability of smaller businesses to be closer to their customers and to offer them their services at basically any time of the day, 7 days a week.The revolutionary eCommerce spread caused that retailers try, more than ever, to stand out from the competitors and want to beat them by offering better services and lower prices. When relying on eCommerce… Read more

Up-grade your business using eCommerce application

eCommerce has recently become one of the most feasible ways to up-grade your business and increase your market visibility. This certainly is a way for cheaper and more efficient distribution of your products and services. More high quality services for our customers is what we all want at the end, isn't it?Inspired by merchants' modern-day needs we have created an application that allows merchants… Read more

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