Accept payments on the go with mShop

mShop is an eCommerce application built on enprovia® mobile-enabler architecture. It gives you an opportunity to get potential customers with mobile commerce on iPhone®, Blackberry®, Google Android, Windows phone and other common Smartphones.  eCommerce is an efficient business tool helping merchants to gain a new costomer base and therefore a higher turnover. mShop app was inspired by merchants' modern-day… Read more

Meet mShop

eCommerce nowadays represents an efficient tool enabling merchants to enlarge their customer base by reaching out to new, potential clients, and increase their turnover. Smartphone application "mShop" by enprovia® represents easier and more comfortable access to your services - accepting credit cards and other payments on the go and moving existing company catalogues to Smart devices such as iPhone,… Read more

enprovia® mobile enabler behind the scene

This easy-to-install and operate java-based mobile enabler middleware architecture runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers, and provides connectors with backend support for Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint® DMS / ECM and ASP services. It easily integrates with DMS, ECM, BPM, CRM, e-commerce and social network services and its connectors are available for various… Read more

Are you satisfied with your Smartphone apps?

It is important to have apps in harmony with your Smartphone device otherwise you will never be 100% satisfied and the app won't work in your favor. Some surveys indicate that one third of Smartphone users are not completely satisfied with how their devices get along with the apps they use.Since 2006 enprovia innovates in mobile enterprise technology and provides professional services helping customers… Read more

Mobile strategy pays off

Enterprises are more and more considering mobile-enabling their existing business solutions since there is a significant benefit of having mobile access to their Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management.enprovia's mobile enabler with its generic rules engine provides value to enterprises which want to monitor system applications, alert and notify of events and document changes, inform… Read more

Smart Apps for business use

At enprovia we develop and test apps for enterprise use, and what's even more important, we also foresee the enterprise challenges and develop our products for clients' most efficient use.Months of testing and real usage of the apps helped to create efficient applications enabling you to further develop your business, ease the workflow or get an overview of your company cash flow.Everybody is going… Read more

Mobile-enabled document management system helps enterprises

It has been a while since the first mobile phones helped enterprises leave their offices and sustain the efficiency and even grow their business. Now it is the time for mobile-enabling technology to help enterprises leave their offices and still have access to all their corporate documents. How does it work?enprovia® mobile enabler technology makes it possible to access and control content and business… Read more

Mobile enabler compatible with your existing system

It comes as no surprise that many companies nowadays want to go mobile. Companies want to move their business closer to the customers but there often is the threat of system compatibility. The idea of changing the whole system or the procedures that were working just fine for you for many years seems more like a nightmare. enprovia® offers its customers a middleware architecture "mobile enabler" which… Read more

Smartphones make business more sophisticated

Many reports and surveys indicate that the Smartphone market should grow 50% till the end of 2011. Since the need for sophisticated and more technologically advanced devices is inevitable and present in everyday enterprise daily routine, it would be interesting to watch the near future development.Innovation in this area is already moving at such incredible speed that Smartphone manufacturers are releasing… Read more

Choose the right Tablet and the right app

Not sure which Tablet might suit best for your enterprise purposes? Have a look at general information on Tablet PCs...Let's starts with probably the most powerful Apple Empire½ using operating system iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings a certain familiarity across Apple's most popular devices. The easy-to-use iPad with its impressive selection of apps and media, are generally most evaluated… Read more