Execute your Digital Asset Management via smartphone

Managing all your digital assets remotely has increased its popularity in 2011 thanks to managers and business executives' needs of having their corporate data available at any phase of their decision making and at any moment during important meetings or presentations. Having your corporate data at your fingertips at all times brings a valuable competitive advantage and shows a level of progressive… Read more

Share your most memorable moments using enprovia mGallery

Thismobile-enabled smartphone application enables its users to present their photographs anywhere and anytime. Your most memorable moments can be shared with your friends, family members or even showed to your potential customers if you are a professional photographer.    mGallery allows for various views and a random mosaic display of images break the routine of a regular photo gallery and displaying… Read more

Creating dynamic questionnaires with eForms

For those who need to work with electronic questionnaires enprovia offers a solution called "eForms". A mobile-enabled tool providing its users with a flexible data collection and out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android. It helps you to create dynamic easy-to-process questionnaires supporting marketing intelligence surveys and integration with existing business… Read more

Increasing your business efficiency in 2012

There are many ways how to increase your work efficiency. Mobile solutions from enprovia are one way to deal with it. Have a look at some of the most popular business and also leisure apps. Maybe you will choose the one to enrich your business in the coming year...   mobile-enabled Document Management System - provides you with a remoteaccess to your corporate data enabling comfortable advanced search… Read more

First 3 months of THE NIKONIAN app

The first three months of THE NIKONIAN magazine available for free for smartphone users show that it was a good choice to go mobile making the magazine available for the Nikonians members.THE NIKONIAN™ is the ultimate space for learning, sharing and collecting information on imaging and photography related topics. THE NIKONIAN is an electronic magazine, an eZine for Nikon® photographers, with reviews,… Read more

Corporate documents. Integrated.

Imagine a world in which you can use one tool to do anything. Right now it is a pretty unrealistic vision but what is more than realistic is to use one tool to remotely access all your corporate data. Enprovia introduces its SDI (Smart Document Integration), a tool that enables you to access various back-ends with a single application installed to your smartphone. Smart document integration enables… Read more

Remote data upload

If you find yourself in need of uploading an important document, picture or note into your document management system or enterprise content management, you can do so using enprovia mDMS upload feature. Uploading text, image or voice can be done in matter of minutes. You just need to open the mDMS app on your smartphone or tablet and choose the particular upload - voice, image or text. After clicking… Read more

How to process data with eForms

If you need to collect data using a questionnaire or a similar electronic form you can do so easily by using enprovia eForms application. It is an intuitive app that can be used as a part of mobile-enabled document management system, or as an individual app. eForms helps you create dynamic questionnaires and collect data in a comfortable way. eForms allows you to access and fill out forms and questionnaires… Read more

eCommerce going mobile

By mobile-enabling your eCommerce solutions you open up a new customer channel attracting customers that are among samrtphones and tables users. eCommerce can go mobile thanks to enprovia mShop application allowing its users to connect to the most common eCommerce solutions "out-of-the-box" with a low investment and no transaction fee.    If you own an online store you can use the mShop app to move… Read more

All relevant information in your hands

Your smooth company workflow and efficiency can depend also on the ability of getting all the information you need at the rigth time. That frequently goes hand in hand with the need for permanent access to your corporate data, especially when not sitting in your office. Having all relevant corporate info in your hands at any time gives you a relevant competitive advantage and supports your daily workflow… Read more