mGallery provides photographers with a remote access to their photos

enprovia mGallery is a portfolio solution for professional or semi-professional photographers who would like to showcase their work remotely via smartphone or tablet, having their portfolio at their fingertips at all times. This solution uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved. Images can further be viewed in different resolutions. Among other useful and user… Read more

When waiting becomes efficient

Sitting in a meeting, waiting at the airport, travelling by train½ You can always reach for all your documents, e-mails, images or presentations if using smart document integration app. We normally use more devices and apps to reach for various data, accessing various backends and now it is possible to use one application to integrate all backends we need to access. Using a federated search to seek… Read more

mDMS supporting efficiency of your department

Mobile access to corporate data has become a new business trend everybody is hooked on. Flexibility and fast decision making is crucial and having the right information at the right time can be a life safer. Current trends are showing the need for importance of immediate data updates and efficient decision making based upon it. Being informed about all changes done in the corporate files gives a great… Read more

18 months of mGallery support for photographers

It was back in July 2010 that enprovia launched its mobile-enabled application for photographers named mGallery. The idea behind mGalley was to help photographers showcase their work on the go, having their photographs available at all times. After one and a half years mGallery built up a stable base of regular users among professional and amateur photographers. The solution is based on cloud service… Read more

Switch to mobile-enabled solutions

Switching to mobile-enabled solutions means choosing the right smart device and the right application for your business. Mobile enabled solutions help managers in Europe and US easily manage their work on the go and have all corporate documents at their fingertips. If a remote reaching for any document from your corporate database is a number one priority for you, have a look at enprovia mobile-enabled… Read more

Notification of all document changes

  Mobile-enabled Document Management System by enprovia offers its users various additional features and among the most popular is the "Notification of changes".  It helps you stay up-to-date whenever there are changes done to any of your corporate files stored in your DMS or ECM systems.  The one-click Notification of changes subscriptions feature is available in your smartphone or tablet. After you… Read more

Hooked on remote data access

A recent informal poll enquiring 1336 participants showed that 60% of those polled admitted they are Hooked on smartphones. It is not so much of an addiction to a device, it is more an addiction to apps, features and comfort that comes with it. Comfortable data access as a major requirement for business and also leisure activities put smartphones among the top efficient communication devices. The efficiency… Read more

mDMS Voice upload serves its first year

Mobile-enabled document management system provides its users with a variety of search and upload options. One of the file upload features of mDMS is the well known and popular Voice upload. The first time I actually used it was last year at a press conference. Voice upload allows for a very simple voice recording and data storing right in your corporate DMS or ECM. The second I finished recording what… Read more

Mobile enabler brings photography content into your hands

THE NIKONIAN magazine is available to its users also via smartphones thanks to enprovia mobile enabler technology. It provides THE NIKONIAN app users with access to all free issues of THE NIKONIAN since 2003, including new, upcoming editions. The app allows for easy access to the complete online library of THE NIKONIAN and enables its users to download issues for later offline reading.For Nikon camera… Read more

How to upload files into your DMS or ECM

Data synchronization is one of the hot items that helps us stay in the picture and keeps our workflow as smooth as possible.Those who have experience with the mobile-enabled document management know that there is much more to it than just the federated search. Data upload is an undividable part of the mDMS app enabling its users to get documents, images and audio files into their corporate database… Read more