Olympic games coverage easier thanks to smart devices

Fast information and data exchange during a big sporting event is highly appreciated among journalist providing daily coverage of all matches, success and records.     All sports journalists want to get the best and fastest possible coverage and smartphones are exactly those devices making journalists jobs easier. They might appreciate having connectivity to databases as well as other co-workers. enprovia… Read more

Most popular mDMS features

enprovia® mDMS business app provides its users with permanent access to data stored in DMS or ECM systems. It provides all necessary support for your teams' workflow and communication. Among the most popular mDMS features are: Federated search - providing precise search results within seconds Data upload - allowing you to upload images, text and voice data Notifications of changes - sending you an… Read more

Where to spot smartphone apps by enprovia®

If you have already tried a demo of any of enprovia smartphone apps and you are wondering where to get them from, here is the list of places to spot them easily: mDMS that enables you to access your corporate data remotely in online and offline mode can be found on iTunes and Android Market. mShop is an app that turns your eCommerce into mCommerce providing users with immediate market access. It is… Read more

Using eForms for instant data processing

enprovia® eForms is a tool for creating easy-to-process questionnaires for instant data collection, such as surveys, feedback or public polls. Filling out these electronic forms is very simple and gives you quick access to all collected information.  To insert data into an eForm you need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. After you enter your password a new window… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions for US consumers

US consumers can now use enprovia mobile-enabled solutions providing them with mobile access to corporate data via smart phones, tablet PCs or regular laptops.With mobile-enabled document management system installed on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone, customers can update status and due dates, assign approvals, review all previous versions of documents and share not only document… Read more

Customize your smartphone with the right business apps

Customizing  your smartphone or tablet with the right apps to support your business on the go is a smart thing to do if you care to be available to your customers and be able to react quickly to any new business situation. enprovia® offers a range of business apps for smartphones and tablets helping users stay in touch with all relevant flow when out of office and support their communication and access… Read more

Go with the flow of Mobile Digital Asset Management

Trendy and cost-efficient cloud services offer a variety of advantages, although without a user friendly access to all data stored there it would not offer such comfort.enprovia Mobile Digital Asset Management (mDAM) is an important management tool that makes your life easier and decision making process smoother. Digital assets stored at various places in cloud are at your fingertips at all times and… Read more

Your photographs showcased via mGallery

enprovia's mobile-enabled application for photographers and imaging fans - mGallery enables its users to showcase their work anywhere on the move. mGallery offers its users a variety of features, such as „Search" that allows to search among Nikonians registered users/photographers and their images. After finding the photographer you were looking for you can „Bookmark" his/her portfolios and have their… Read more

Remote image upload directly to you corporate database

It is not just the data search you might need to do when accessing your corporate database of files and digital assets. Sometimes we actually need to add a file into existing DMS or ECM systems and have our associates access the documents even before we return to the office. The most frequent need for such info exchange is uploading an image. Following just few simple steps, you can have your colleagues… Read more

Back ends synchronized for most comfortable data access

If you ask how you could make your data search more comfortable when reaching out to various back ends the answer is hidden in three words - Smart Document Integration (SDI).Using the DSI federated search to seek certain data stored in your corporate database takes just a few seconds and allows also for secure storage for later offline use. You can seek any documents like contracts, HR profiles, or… Read more