How to use BlueJet

BlueJet is an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users developed by enprovia. This app is very intuitive and enables you to manage your corporate data easily.Once you have BlueJet installed on your computer, you can use it for a very intuitive document management. Log in and create a folder - Dossier - for your documents, e.g. "Contracts". Now you can use a simple drag and drop… Read more

Why is it good to have mDMS app?

As enterprises adopt Smartphones, the appropriate app selection is becoming more important. If Smartphones should make our workflow more efficient, then having mobile-enabled Document Management System app is an inevitable part of your enterprise remote management. What does the mDMS app bring to its users: 1, Flexibility in decision making when out of office 2, Access to all corporate documents in… Read more

Some of the apps we have recently done

Most of the apps our professional services team does are integrated with backend systems. These apps are then either a part of a workflow, access documents or e.g. allow users to add or browse and search images.Here are some of the recent iPhone/iPad apps we have done:mDMS - Mobile access to Enterprise Content and Document Management Systems. It connects to both Sharepoint, Alfresco and other DMS solutions.Download… Read more