How well do you manage your work when out of office?

Each one of has to face the „out of office" status from time to time and that is when we tend to be a bit tense. A few inevitable questions pop up in our minds with each step we take from our office, questions like „Do I have all the documents I need with me?", „Can I access all digital assets from where I am going?", and the classic: „Will I be informed on time if something changes?". There is nothing… Read more

Smartphone as your office

At today's overload of smartphones with various business apps, they are no longer just communication devices, they have become rather walking offices and smart assistants. Various apps and features enable us to multitask and reach out for information, data or people with less and less effort. This multitasking computing through smartphones can become even more efficient when using just one tool to… Read more

Mobile eForms support your secure data storage

If you ask what can eForms do for you in your daily data management processes, the answer is simple. eForms allow for an easy data collection and processing, it is an application enabling to collect feedback or any data in the form of electronic forms using a smartphone or tablet. eForms is a solution with out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android helping its users… Read more

Meet Asus PadFone

Taiwanese electronic giant has introduced their latest device combining a tablet PC and smartphone - Asus PadFone. Company's additional effort lead to expanded savings with one data plan for two devices and expanded view from 4.3" PadFone to 10.1" PadFone Station, although both devices offer similar features.PadFone runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and features Qualcomm Snapdragon… Read more

When offline means fully accessible

Remote access to corporate files and all digital assets even in offline mode means a lot of support for your team workflow. Using mobile-enabled Document Management System in offline mode is easily possible and requires having the data located in your smartphone after you have searched them. All data you have remotely accessed can be securely stored in Vault storage and used when there is no internet… Read more

Get alerted when enterprise document is changed

Getting alerts every time a change occurs in important corporate document not only saves time but also allows for quicker and more flexible reaction and decision making. Using Notification of changes keeps you synchronized with your corporate database and all documents, or better to say all digital assets in it. If you need to manage your enterprise documents remotely via mobile-enabled Document Management… Read more

Adding data to your system using mDMS upload

Sometimes one finds himself in a situation when a newly created corporate document or an important note needs to be added into company's database remotely, directly from a meeting, after a press conference or presentation. Data synchronization and further processing by other associates can be a crucial aspect adding the needed flow to your communication and decision making.   Uploading data into your… Read more

Where to spot enprovia enterprise apps?

The most popular among enprovia business applications - mDMS and mShop - are available online from the following sources: mDMS - the mobile-enabled Document Management System provides you with remoteaccess to your corporate data and allows for a federated remote digital asset search and upload. You can get the mDMS app at Apple iTunes Android market AppOlicious mShop - mobile eCommerce solution representsimmediate… Read more

Keeping your data safe in password-protected vault

When doing a remote search of your corporate data via Smartphone the first thing you take into consideration is the safety aspect of such data management. Using enprovia mobile-enabled document management system application enables a secure storage of your data whenever you need to access your files remotely.   Once you have searched and loaded all needed data to your smartphone or tablet you can have… Read more

Smart Document Integration makes work more systematic

Comfortable remote access to your corporate files every time it is need could make your workflow more systematic and the decision making processes more flexible. Having the access to various back ends covered by a single tool means we do not have to worry about losing time for inefficient data search and login in to various systems.  Smart Document Integration (SDI) ensures systematic and efficient… Read more

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