Behind the mobile-enabled data access

enprovia® Mobile Enabler technology makes it possible to access and control content and business processes remotely just using a smartphone or a tablet. It takes just a few clicks and the mDMS app user can search all the corporate data stored in the document management system or enterprise content management, or he can even add text, voice notes and images directly to the corporate data system using… Read more

mDMS available for all common platforms

If you need mobile access to your corporate digital assets and you are contemplating enprovia's mDMS app, you do not need to worry about whether or not the mDMS is compatible with your smartphone or your company's document management system.  The mobile-enabled document management system is available for all common platforms and could be downloaded from iTunes or Marketplace. mDMS provides its users… Read more

mDMS provides remote offline access to data

enprovia's remote data access business application - mDMS enables its users to use the app fully also in an offline mode for comfortable access to their corporate documents when there is no internet access available. The mDMS app provides its users with the possibility of comfortable offline access to their corporate files and basically all digital assets. After having searched and loaded all needed… Read more

Your work results presented effectively on a Tablet

Participating in a meeting often involves presenting certain data, images, results. Presentations as we know from conferences are, however, not always suitable especially when presenting to just a couple of people or if the meeting takes place in premises lacking the necessary equipment. Carrying a laptop with you at all times also became a bit out-of-date. So in the era of smartphones and tablets… Read more

SDI means your data synchronized into a sole access point

If you use Smart Document Integration solution you are able to use just one tool for comfortable access to your corporate documents, images, audio files, e-mails, etc. This means a comfortable data access and data processing allowing not only the advanced data search but also a fast data upload and secure offline storage of your corporate data.enprovia® SDI is a sole access solution enabling to perform… Read more

Remote image upload directly to you corporate database

It is not just the data search you might need to do when accessing your corporate database of files and digital assets. Sometimes we actually need to add a file into existing DMS or ECM systems and have our associates access the documents even before we return to the office. The most frequent need for such info exchange is uploading an image. Following just few simple steps, you can have your colleagues… Read more

Your workflow fully supported on the go

enprovia® smartphone business apps help users stay in touch with all relevant flow when out of office and support their communication and access to corporate information. These applications designed to fully support connectivity to DMS or ECM systems are available for all common smartphones and all common operating systems. This solution consists of two parts, a simple-to-install component and the… Read more

Avoid inefficiency with mobile access to your data

It is no longer just managers who appreciate all advantages that smart apps for smartphones have to offer. A convenient application enabling access to the enterprise data ensuring efficiency of your work and decision making on the go is an amenity we start considering as a standard part of our work. Mobile access to your data 24/7 can be assured by mDMS smartphone app, compatible with any common operating… Read more

NFC-Powered Lumia 610

Nokia has unveiled a new version of the Nokia Lumia 610 that should be available in UK during the third quarter this year. The new version will have support for Near-Field Communication (NFC).The NFC support ensures communication of the new Lumia 610 with other devices or accessories toting NFC and the device will be able to be used as a mobile wallet with both MasterCard and Visa support. It will… Read more

Mobile-enabled support of your work

Managing your corporate files remotely comes handy not only when you are in a meeting or when attending a presentation, it supports you well also when working from home. Once having mobile access to your enterprise documents you can search all the data in your corporate database (digital assets like documents, images, audio files, etc.). Reaching out for the document you need can be done by a simple… Read more

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