Pros of mDMS offline mode

mDMS in offline mode? Yes, once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in Vault storage. When there is no internet connection available you can access your data in the Vault storage. Vault is a password protected area for your comfortable and secure offline access to your documents and folders.  Can you manage the content in offline mode?… Read more

Permanent access to your enterprise documents and databases outside your office to be a science fiction?

Recently we've all got used to synchronizing our data with computers. Contacts from our mobile phones and Outlook, etc½ but have you actually considered having it vice versa? Data from your computer available via your smartphone?Technology moving us forward½ Sync your data using document management system and have it all available on the run via your smartphone.Lawyers, Executive search managers, Business… Read more

What can a mobile enabled Document Management System do for you?

If you not only need to have your data available at all times but you also need to be notified of any changes that are happening in your company documents/folders, you might appreciate the new iPhone application - mDMS.Once having the mDMS you always have your documents available in your smartphone, you can access all your database information at anytime and you can search all the documents just by… Read more

mobile Document Management on Apple's iPad

Our mDMS app runs without any changes on the iPad. Even if our current release of mDMS is not "HD" in the sense of being specifically developed for the iPad to use its larger screens higher resolution (1024 × 768 pixels vs 320×480 pixels for the iPhone), it runs on it flawlessly. Using mobile document management on the Apple iPad is both useful as well as fun - there is a reason why Apple has sold… Read more

Options for mobile Document Management System (mDMS)

Don't know how about you people but I got tired of dealing with loads of documents always being out of sync½ Mobile access to our document management system is the key for me½ application that allows me access information wherever I am and whenever I need.At enprovia we developed an application called mDMS tool: One-click subscription notifies me of any changes to a document or a folder including any… Read more

We have launched the mDMS app for iPhone and BlackBerry

OK, so we have managed to get the mDMS app out the door, both for iPhone and BlackBerry and there is a press release on that as well. Definitely there is a lot more fun to use the larger display to view documents on the iPhone compared to my BlackBerry Curve's small display, but the BlackBerry has a strong foothold in many corporations around the world.We are launching further clients this year, both… Read more

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