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Raining all day long

Is a rainy day but is clean and smells good :-)zzzzz Read more


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do we like winter

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Google Maps for iOS with iPad support

Yesterday Google unveiled a Google Maps update, supporting Apple iPad devices. The enhanced features include Indoor walking directions and a new interface for browsing shopping, dining and lodging destinations. Read more


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3 reasons why you should start with usability testing right now

Recently, our colleague and QA team member Martin Čančo has held a company-wide presentation on usability testing, followed by a discussion about key takeaways and practical ideas for enprovia. We believe usability is an important part of each software product and experience. Let’s look at the main reasons why you should consider usability testing. Read more


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Five reasons for native apps

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Need to show-off an integrated app with your CI and brand?

We are providing ready-to-roll apps for mobile devices, with serious integration with existing business backends. Read more