mGallery - Your photography portfolio in your pocket

"Mobile gallery" is our latest mobile-enabled application for photographers. It is a portfolio solution for all photographers who want to showcase their work, having the portfolio in their pocket at all times.This solution uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved. Images can further be viewed in different resolutions.mGallery offers you a variety of functionalities… Read more

Pros of mDMS offline mode

mDMS in offline mode? Yes, once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in Vault storage. When there is no internet connection available you can access your data in the Vault storage. Vault is a password protected area for your comfortable and secure offline access to your documents and folders.  Can you manage the content in offline mode?… Read more

eCommerce on retailers' side

There is no doubt that eCommerce has rapidly increased the ability of smaller businesses to be closer to their customers and to offer them their services at basically any time of the day, 7 days a week.The revolutionary eCommerce spread caused that retailers try, more than ever, to stand out from the competitors and want to beat them by offering better services and lower prices. When relying on eCommerce… Read more

Up-grade your business using eCommerce application

eCommerce has recently become one of the most feasible ways to up-grade your business and increase your market visibility. This certainly is a way for cheaper and more efficient distribution of your products and services. More high quality services for our customers is what we all want at the end, isn't it?Inspired by merchants' modern-day needs we have created an application that allows merchants… Read more

Annotate Expert for Macintosh

Our Annotate Expert program, a tool for annotating most common image formats including RAW formats, is moving towards a Apple Macintosh release. We opted for separate development paths for Windows and Macintosh and our Windows version is a completely written in Microsoft C#, whereas the Mac OS X version of Annotate Expert is a pure Mac development implemented using Apple's Objective C. Obviously this… Read more

Mobile portfolio for photographers

Based upon our mobile enabler technology, we have created a new product that should be available in the iTunes app store in the next few days. The app is the "mobile gallery", a portfolio solution for photographers wanting to showcase their work, having the portfolio in their pocket. The solution is pretty straightforward and uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved.… Read more

Permanent access to your enterprise documents and databases outside your office to be a science fiction?

Recently we've all got used to synchronizing our data with computers. Contacts from our mobile phones and Outlook, etc½ but have you actually considered having it vice versa? Data from your computer available via your smartphone?Technology moving us forward½ Sync your data using document management system and have it all available on the run via your smartphone.Lawyers, Executive search managers, Business… Read more

Do you receive alerts on your smartphone when relevant enterprise documents change?

This little piece of information helps you stay posted at all times. Small "icon" notifies you of all changes happening in your enterprise documents. Edits, modifications, changes½ all monitored.Do you find easy staying up-dated when documents or their parts are frequently modified? Using Notification of changes helps a lot in your everyday routine processes and keeps you up with your database and… Read more

What can a mobile enabled Document Management System do for you?

If you not only need to have your data available at all times but you also need to be notified of any changes that are happening in your company documents/folders, you might appreciate the new iPhone application - mDMS.Once having the mDMS you always have your documents available in your smartphone, you can access all your database information at anytime and you can search all the documents just by… Read more

mobile enabler framework used in social networks

Our mobile enabling framework for business applications, a middle tier in Java, has connectors for various social networks, such as Facebook, twitter and Nikonians. We have created an application called Good Locations, an iPhones app for photographers (available in the iTunes app store for free) for the Nikon community Nikonians. It allows the users to scout and share good locations with other photographers.… Read more