Higher, stronger, better

Enprovia team members gathered once again at the annual enprovia trip to enjoy themselves off the working hours and seek some adventure. And so we did. Our trip to Northern Slovakia started on Friday afternoon when we all boarded the train with our better halves, ready to have some fun hiking, talking, competing. Spending some time together in relaxed informal atmosphere where we could leave all work… Read more

Present your photography work using a mobile Gallery

"mGallery" is a mobile-enabled portfolio solution for all photographers who want to showcase their work, having their portfolio available at all times. A couple of months ago a photographer who was applying for a job at Nikonians photographer community used mGallery during our job interview to present his professional skills.   If you need to present your work in any similar way, try out mGallery and… Read more

Photokina 2010 in figures

The world's leading fair for photography and imaging - Photokina - opened its gates for photographers, imaging technology creators and all friends of photography in Cologne from 21st until 26th September 2010. Photokina 2010 offered a presentation of all the imaging media, imaging technologies and imaging markets focusing on the image, various products, technologies and the latest forms of modern communication.… Read more

Your enterprise information with you at all important meetings - that is our mobile Document Management System

"If only I could now access my computer files" - Haven't we all thought so at one point? Business meetings, company briefings, informal talks½ It was just THAT little piece of information we were missing at THAT particular moment. These unpleasant moments are history with enprovia's mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS).Each smartphone user can now have access to all his enterprise documents… Read more

Bo Stahlbrandt about Photokina 2010

I met Mr. Bo Stahlbrandt today to find out about his impressions of this year's Photokina in Cologne, Germany.How was this year's fair different from the previous years? A lot of things were happening as always, even though the number of exhibitors was lower. Nikonians had a smaller booth this year, but with a lot of visitors. In all, it was very successful and I am sure that we will be back in 2012Did… Read more

Share all good Photo locations or get to know some from other photographers

I have already talked about several useful apps for photographers and all fans of photography but today I would like to put under the microscope one particular iPhone app: the so called "Good locations".The Good Locations iPhone application enables its users to take images of locations and automatically tag them with their geographic location using GPS data. Captured locations can automatically be… Read more

Cologne bursting with photo enthusiasm

Photographers are migrating to Cologne these days to visit the world's leading fair for photography and imaging - Photokina 2010. This fair opens a unique communication- and sales platform for the photo- and imaging sector worldwide and it is opening its gates for photographers, imaging technology creators and all friends of photography from 21 September until 26 September 2010. For photo professionals… Read more

Presenting mGallery features

mGallery - mobile-enabled application for photographers - offers you a variety of ways to sort, store and share your pictures. There are various features mGallery offers for photographers to make their photography portfolio easier to present and hopefully also more enjoyable to browse while using a mobile device. Search - allows you to search among Nikonians registered users and find the photographer… Read more

It's time to move. Online.

If you own a business and you would like to increase your sales by getting a new customer base, then eCommerce is something you should not underestimate.eCommerce has already helped a lot of merchants to rapidly enlarge their customer base which goes hand in hand with a higher turnover. Following the latest trends and giving your customers easier and more comfortable access to your services will definitely… Read more

Professional image tagging - that is our "Annotate Expert"

Quite a number of our team members are fans of photography. If you are as well, then you should definitely try enprovia's this year's application for photographers "Annotate expert".With "Annotate expert" you can identify, mark and comment on relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself. It enables you to tag images, place keywords and comments that are bound to certain… Read more