Chinese debut of Apple's third generation iPad

On Friday Apple launched its Retina display-sporting iPad in China and the third-generation iPad launch went off without any difficulties.It came as a surprise as many have become used to long lines and overnight waited to purchase the new products. In January Apple was forced to stop sales of the popular iPhone 4S on its launch day as a large group of customers misbehaved after hearing that the handset… Read more

Where to spot smartphone apps by enprovia®

If you have already tried a demo of any of enprovia smartphone apps and you are wondering where to get them from, here is the list of places to spot them easily: mDMS that enables you to access your corporate data remotely in online and offline mode can be found on iTunes and Android Market. mShop is an app that turns your eCommerce into mCommerce providing users with immediate market access. It is… Read more

Using eForms for instant data processing

enprovia® eForms is a tool for creating easy-to-process questionnaires for instant data collection, such as surveys, feedback or public polls. Filling out these electronic forms is very simple and gives you quick access to all collected information.  To insert data into an eForm you need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. After you enter your password a new window… Read more

iPhone 5 release could push Apple to annual sales of 170 million units

The latest Gene Munster survey conducted on 400 consumers showed that 65% of Apple smartphone owners also expect their next phone to be an iPhone. Of those polled, only 19% expect their next mobile phone to be Android.The Munster research mentioned that 52% of the survey group consisted of current iPhone owners. The same survey found that 51% of the consumers who plan to buy an iPhone as their next… Read more

Apple iPhone still most popular device in US

Even though Google's operating system bests Apple when it comes to market share (with 51.8% of smartphone users owning an Android handset compared to 34% with iPhones) the latest stats show that more Americans use iPhones than any version of Android smartphones.The report published at Nielsen wire also showed more than half - 54.9% - of U.S. cell phone subscribers own a smartphone as of June 2012.… Read more

Amazon smartphone with 4-inch display

It is known that Amazon is working on its own smartphone that is said to be a challenger to iPhone. The device is rumoured to run Google's Android operating system and its should feature a 4-5 inches screen. Rumours say that Apple is also planning to increase the screen size of the next iPhone from the existing 3.5 to 4 inches.The 4-inch  Amazon smartphone would not only compete with Apple's iPhone,… Read more

Mobile-enabled solutions for US consumers

US consumers can now use enprovia mobile-enabled solutions providing them with mobile access to corporate data via smart phones, tablet PCs or regular laptops.With mobile-enabled document management system installed on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone, customers can update status and due dates, assign approvals, review all previous versions of documents and share not only document… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to be released in August

MK Business News published information that Samsung Electronics will unveil the Galaxy Note 2 during summer 2012, probably in late-August.According to the source the new Galaxy Note 2 should feature a 5.5-inch display, which is slightly larger than the current 5.3-inch display and the device will run Android 4.1 Android Jelly Bean.The Galaxy Note 2 is believed to come with a more powerful quad-core… Read more

Sony Xperia LT30 features a 13 MP camera

Sony has announced a lot of smartphones in the past few months and it seems that the latest Sony Xperia LT30 is one of the best smartphones. Sony Xperia LT30 can be considered as the global version of the Xperia GX with an eye-catching design.  Xperia LT30 comes with a 13MP Exmor R camera for excellent quality photos and video and 4.6-inch display with a resolution of 720p. Its OS may be Android 4.0… Read more

Firefox OS for smartphones to be Launched next year

Mozilla Foundation announced its plan to launch their Firefox OS for smartphones in 2013. Mobile network operators like Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart, Telecom Italia, Telenor and Etisalat appreciated this step and are happy about the new Mozilla platform.ZTE and TCL Communications will start with the first Firefox OS phones fitted with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Processors. To enter the smartphone market,… Read more