iPhone 5 vs. One X

Apple Inc. and HTC are both planning on release their best devices in the market this year so the battle between them is getting more intense.While Apple enthusiasts are awaiting the latest iPhone 5, HTC fans are looking forward to seeing the flagship smartphones in the form of HTC One X, S and V which has taken away the spotlight from every other device presented at this years MWC in Barcelona.The… Read more

Fast response means more efficiency

Being able to respond quickly either to a new piece of information or changes that just occurred brings added value to your decision making processes and speeds up the workflow. This is only possible if you can reach out to your data any time and from anywhere and if you have a chance of being alerted when a data change occurs. To response to a change in your corporate files at anytime inevitably requires… Read more

CeBIT 2012 Hannover opens its gates on 6 March

CeBIT - the digital industry's biggest and most international event is ready to welcome all who are interested in the latest digital trends and innovations. The event takes place from 6 - 10 March in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT represents a unique combination of exhibition, conferences, keynotes, corporate events and lounges along with endless business opportunities and sealing deals. CeBIT visitors will… Read more

Best smartphones at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012

This year's Mobile World Congress brought a lot of novelties, new smartphone handsets, applications and a lot more. A number of unveiled mobile phones were based on quad core processor with a high RAM memory. Most of the smartphones were announced by the leading manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Asus and were Android based. The top 5 devices introduced at the Mobile World Congress this year were chosen… Read more

Nokia remains the most popular phone in India

Despite the current strong global uptake of smartphones, mobile phone shipments to India grew by 10% to 183.4 million units in 2011 compared to 166.5 million units in 2010. According to a CyberMedia Research study, the smartphone segment grew 87% to 11.2 million units in 2011 as in comparison to 6 million units in the previous year.Nokia sustained its leadership position with 31% share of the overall… Read more

Remote access to your corporate data in an offline mode

Mobile-enabled access to your corporate database means that you have a comfortable access to all your files, documents and basically any digital assets. But what happens if there is no internet connection available? The mDMS app provides its users with the possibility of comfortable offline access to their corporate files. After having searched and loaded all needed data, it is possible to have it… Read more

Mobile solutions compatible with your existing system

A lot of companies are nowadays going mobile and before they do so they are curious how much of pain is that going to be. Using enprovia mobile enabler middleware reduces the pain to minimum and makes the whole go-mobile process smooth and simple. The idea of changing the whole system can become a nightmare, but not with the mobile enabler. enprovia® offers its customers a mobile enabler middleware… Read more

The first year of enprovia Flexible rules engine

It has already been a year ago that enprovia introduced its flexible rules engine for more efficient payment management as a part of the mobile enabler middleware architecture. It allows enterprises to mobile-enable their existing business solutions and to monitor their system applications, alert and notify them of events and document changes, inform about meetings and improve their fraud management.Flexible… Read more

Sony Xperia P showcased at MWC 2012

Japanese corporation Sony held a press conference at this year's still ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, presenting the Xperia P and Xperia U. Sony also took this opportunity to inform that Xperia S will begin shipping globally.The Sony Xperia P handset comes with a 4-inch screen with 540 x 960 resolution and "White Magic" technology making the on-screen items more legible when viewed under… Read more

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