How to upload files into your DMS or ECM

Data synchronization is one of the hot items that helps us stay in the picture and keeps our workflow as smooth as possible.Those who have experience with the mobile-enabled document management know that there is much more to it than just the federated search. Data upload is an undividable part of the mDMS app enabling its users to get documents, images and audio files into their corporate database… Read more

enprovia business smart apps

enprovia develops a variety of business smartphone applications and among the most popular ones built upon mobile-enabler architecture are mobile-enabled Document Management System (mDMS), mobile-enabled eCommerce and eForms. eForms application enables to collect feedback or any data in the form of electronic forms using a user-friendly interface. Data collected in eForms are securely stored and available… Read more

Samsung S3 launch

The next Galaxy phone in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S3, is rumoured to be ready for release in April 2012. As confirmed by the company's HQ in Korea, it is not going to be released at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month.The success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 depends on its capability to attract large base of users. It is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy S3 release… Read more

iPhones pulled from German web store

The informed on Friday last week that Apple pulled several models of the iPhone and iPad from its online store in Germany after Motorola Mobility won a court injunction over the phones in Germany. The phones and tablets were removed from Apple's German online store after Motorola (to be acquired by Google) won a court ruling in December.The current situation means that Apple must switch… Read more

enprovia mDMS registered with INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2012

INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT seeks year by year the most innovative IT solutions for businesses and this year was enprovia's mDMS also called to participate. The solutions are divided into 40 categories and they are being evaluated by more than a 100 judges from CeBIT, the world's largest fair in the digital industry. This year enprovia has the honour of presenting the mobile-enabled Document Management System… Read more

Nokia Lumia 710 price reduction

An internal source of Nokia Corporation revealed information that the company is planning on reducing price of its Lumia 710 smartphone in UK in an attempt to increase consumers interest in their devices.Lumia 710 should be available this month at estimated price of £20, originally planned to be offered for about £25. The model was released in October last year and the company is trying to find the… Read more

Mobile paper capture with iPad

There are several products available to allow you to scan while being mobile, such as Xerox MobileScanner or Brookstones iConvert scanner for iPad. For enterprise users, it only makes sense to use such scanners if they are connected with your regular ECM infrastructure, allowing you to easily capture, OCR and store the documents in your ECM being well indexed, potentially kicking off a workflow with… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note „Phablet"

Samsung Electronics informed about the release of their Galaxy Note device for the US AT&T customers. It should be available from 19 February.Galaxy Note comes with the 5.3-inch touchscreen (resolution of 1280 x 800 px) and belongs into a between smartphone and tablet category. The company believes such device can fullfil needs of those who seek a device overlapping some smartphone and some tablet… Read more

Why mobile-enabled access to data is hot

Since smartphones are nowadays being regularly used at workplace and they have become a standard business tool, it is quite natural that we expect more advance functionalities from the devices. Mobile access to corporate data being one of them. Having safe access to all corporate files just using a smartphone represents a new need, business people are looking up to. Apple Inc. has recently seen its… Read more

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