Content management supported by BlueJet

This enterprise content management client for Apple Macintosh users supports its users in corporate data and content management. Once you have BlueJet installed on your computer and you are logged in you can start creating folders for your documents. Placing documents into folders can be done by a simple drag and drop and you can upload as many as you need within just a few moments. When dropping a… Read more

18 months of mGallery support for photographers

It was back in July 2010 that enprovia launched its mobile-enabled application for photographers named mGallery. The idea behind mGalley was to help photographers showcase their work on the go, having their photographs available at all times. After one and a half years mGallery built up a stable base of regular users among professional and amateur photographers. The solution is based on cloud service… Read more

Switch to mobile-enabled solutions

Switching to mobile-enabled solutions means choosing the right smart device and the right application for your business. Mobile enabled solutions help managers in Europe and US easily manage their work on the go and have all corporate documents at their fingertips. If a remote reaching for any document from your corporate database is a number one priority for you, have a look at enprovia mobile-enabled… Read more

Current smartphone market scenario

There is no doubt that among all smartphone users most of them are concentrated in US. Statistics show that in US alone nearly 90 million people own a smartpohne. After the first wave of smart devices covered mostly by BlackBerry, situation changed in favour of Apple and Google handsets. Its design and variety of applications available made the main difference when it comes to their usage and popularity. Apple's… Read more

iPads help European doctors at work

Data from a survey conducted by Manhattan Research showed that 26% of European doctors use iPad at work and another 40% claim they are planning on buying an iPad within six months. The study surveyed 1,207 physicians in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy in Q4 last year to quantify the time doctors spend on professional internet use via iPad. Doctors used the device for 27% of professional… Read more

Notification of all document changes

  Mobile-enabled Document Management System by enprovia offers its users various additional features and among the most popular is the "Notification of changes".  It helps you stay up-to-date whenever there are changes done to any of your corporate files stored in your DMS or ECM systems.  The one-click Notification of changes subscriptions feature is available in your smartphone or tablet. After you… Read more

Tablets in the enterprise decline corporate printing

A new analysis published by Morgan Stanley Research shows that the adoption of tablets in the enterprise is having a significant impact on the decline corporate printing. This transition is lead by Apple's iPad and its infiltration into enterprises. As informed by the, Morgan Stanley informed in a note to investors that „the rapid ascent of tablets for business use has adversely affected… Read more

Cloud Computing Imperative 2012 conference in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is hosting a Cloud computing conference from 12 till 14 March in Dubai. The conference will help gain insights on Cloud and Cloud computing, develop strategies to implement IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, XaaS, elevate the strategical steps to the Cloud, plan the shift of IT responsibilities, get fresh perspective on managing project budget, build a strong return on investment from Cloud Computing,… Read more

Samsung confirms Galaxy S III not to be launched on 22 March

The Korean smartphone maker killed all speculations on unveiling its new flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III, at a French press event on March 22 this year as they prefer launching the S III at a more appropriate event focusing on new product portfolio. With Samsung confirming the Galaxy S III would not debut at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, everyone focused on the next… Read more

Hooked on remote data access

A recent informal poll enquiring 1336 participants showed that 60% of those polled admitted they are Hooked on smartphones. It is not so much of an addiction to a device, it is more an addiction to apps, features and comfort that comes with it. Comfortable data access as a major requirement for business and also leisure activities put smartphones among the top efficient communication devices. The efficiency… Read more

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