Everybody goes Smart

Enterprises understand that that Smartphones and Tablets are the up and coming devices and step by step the Smartphone fan base expands. Even parents know how much their kids want to explore iPad and sharing is simply not acceptable.LeapFrog's Tablet - the LeapPad  - is named after the most successful educational toy. This week the company introduced a $100 tablet computer that is designed specifically… Read more

iPad on board

Many of us, even if frequent travelers don't realize how much papers and documents must pilots carry to the aircraft½ operating manual, safety checklists, logbooks for entering airplane performance data, navigation charts, weather information, airport diagrams. Some pilots choose to carry a heavy bag with all mentioned docs, some carry an iPad as a so-called electronic flight bag.  The major reason… Read more

Smarter document management with enprovia's BlueJet

Having a lot of company data in your computer can become a bit uncomfortable to manage and in the worst case even inefficient to maintain and keep a track of. Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh users - BlueJet - enables its users to manage their corporate data easily, offering a very intuitive document management.You simply store your data in BlueJet using a simple drag and drop… Read more

Mobile-enabled document management system helps enterprises

It has been a while since the first mobile phones helped enterprises leave their offices and sustain the efficiency and even grow their business. Now it is the time for mobile-enabling technology to help enterprises leave their offices and still have access to all their corporate documents. How does it work?enprovia® mobile enabler technology makes it possible to access and control content and business… Read more

Mobile enabler compatible with your existing system

It comes as no surprise that many companies nowadays want to go mobile. Companies want to move their business closer to the customers but there often is the threat of system compatibility. The idea of changing the whole system or the procedures that were working just fine for you for many years seems more like a nightmare. enprovia® offers its customers a middleware architecture "mobile enabler" which… Read more

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