Are you satisfied with your Smartphone apps?

It is important to have apps in harmony with your Smartphone device otherwise you will never be 100% satisfied and the app won't work in your favor. Some surveys indicate that one third of Smartphone users are not completely satisfied with how their devices get along with the apps they use.Since 2006 enprovia innovates in mobile enterprise technology and provides professional services helping customers… Read more

Sales of Tablets and Smartphones in US to break revenue records

A lot of consumers realize that being mobile is not only more comfortable but it can also be more profitable for their business. And so the numbers go up½The brought the information on Tablet sales in the US today, saying that more Americans than ever are expected to buy Tablet computers and Smartphones in 2011, driving consumer electronics revenue up 5.6% to a record high of $190bn.Apple… Read more

Mobile strategy pays off

Enterprises are more and more considering mobile-enabling their existing business solutions since there is a significant benefit of having mobile access to their Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management.enprovia's mobile enabler with its generic rules engine provides value to enterprises which want to monitor system applications, alert and notify of events and document changes, inform… Read more

Present your work with mGallery

Are you a photographer trying to make a living of your hobby? Then you probably know how important it is to be able to showcase your work if opportunity comes knocking on your door.You never know who you might meet, especially at various social events but dragging the photography portfolio with you at all times doesn't sound like a good idea. To make your work easier to present at any time and especially… Read more

Tablets winning over PCs

Sales statistics monitoring the PC sales from last year and throughout this year show that consumer appetite for tablets continues to decrease the demand for desktop and laptop PCs.There has been a small year-on-year increase in PC sales representing a small bright spot for computer makers in times when the smart competition is affecting their sales heavily.Consumers as well as enterprises realize… Read more

5th generation iPhone is already a month „late"

Looking at the Apple iPhone release timeline, it seems that the company is running a month behind. Or maybe just breaking a pattern... The original iPhone was released in June 2007, June 2008 was the birth month of iPhone 3G, followed by iPhone 3Gs release in June 2009. A year after that, in June 2010 company launched the latest iPhone 4. So preparing the iPhone 5 for September comes as a bit of a surprise.Maybe… Read more

Smart Apps for business use

At enprovia we develop and test apps for enterprise use, and what's even more important, we also foresee the enterprise challenges and develop our products for clients' most efficient use.Months of testing and real usage of the apps helped to create efficient applications enabling you to further develop your business, ease the workflow or get an overview of your company cash flow.Everybody is going… Read more

Android tablet for the enterprise by Panasonic

Panasonic plans to release Android Toughbook tablet for the enterprise in the fourth quarter this year. According to Panasonic will this enterprise device distinguish itself from consumer tablets by offering a screen that is daylight-viewable, and matte rather than glossy. It will also incorporate an active stylus, providing for signature capture in sales, customer service, and mobile point-of-sale… Read more

enprovia's mDMS app for Windows Phone 7 available on Marketplace

enprovia® mobile Document Management System (mDMS) app belongs among those apps, that help managers and business owners stay efficient and capable of decision making at all times. mDMS allows its users to connect to their Document Management System or Enterprise Content Management also via Windows Phone 7 device and from now on it is available on the Marketplace.   mDMS is an application enabling its… Read more

iPhone 5 in production

Thinner, lighter and possibly with wireless charging, the next version of iPhone is now in production. According to the report from Taiwan, the new version will also include an 8-megapixel camera, putting the device face to face with other top-end phone cameras.The rumors say that the company has a goal of 25 million units shipped by the end of the year and that the initial production volume will be… Read more

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