Do you receive alerts on your smartphone when relevant enterprise documents change?

This little piece of information helps you stay posted at all times. Small "icon" notifies you of all changes happening in your enterprise documents. Edits, modifications, changes½ all monitored.Do you find easy staying up-dated when documents or their parts are frequently modified? Using Notification of changes helps a lot in your everyday routine processes and keeps you up with your database and… Read more

What can a mobile enabled Document Management System do for you?

If you not only need to have your data available at all times but you also need to be notified of any changes that are happening in your company documents/folders, you might appreciate the new iPhone application - mDMS.Once having the mDMS you always have your documents available in your smartphone, you can access all your database information at anytime and you can search all the documents just by… Read more

mobile enabler framework used in social networks

Our mobile enabling framework for business applications, a middle tier in Java, has connectors for various social networks, such as Facebook, twitter and Nikonians. We have created an application called Good Locations, an iPhones app for photographers (available in the iTunes app store for free) for the Nikon community Nikonians. It allows the users to scout and share good locations with other photographers.… Read more

Annotating images with wirelessly connected camera

Annotate Expert, a specialized image annotation tool running under MS Windows, which we are supplying to architects, photographers, civil engineering and MRO in general, now supports wireless, tethered operation. A camera equipped with an EyeFi card can now seamlessly send the images to the Annotate Expert software, where they can easily be annotated (partial areas of an image can be tagged/commented… Read more

mobile Document Management on Apple's iPad

Our mDMS app runs without any changes on the iPad. Even if our current release of mDMS is not "HD" in the sense of being specifically developed for the iPad to use its larger screens higher resolution (1024 × 768 pixels vs 320×480 pixels for the iPhone), it runs on it flawlessly. Using mobile document management on the Apple iPad is both useful as well as fun - there is a reason why Apple has sold… Read more

Options for mobile Document Management System (mDMS)

Don't know how about you people but I got tired of dealing with loads of documents always being out of sync½ Mobile access to our document management system is the key for me½ application that allows me access information wherever I am and whenever I need.At enprovia we developed an application called mDMS tool: One-click subscription notifies me of any changes to a document or a folder including any… Read more

Web based frameworks

We as a company are often involved in creating web based tools and platforms for our customers and made us work with quite a rich set of various frameworks over the years. Here are some short reflections on the frameworks we have recently been using. Would be great if you 'd let us know what your own experiences have been on any of these.PlayRuns on Python based tools code in Java - sort of cool especially… Read more

agile development - heavy or lightweight tools?

Quite a number of tools for agile software development are either too heavy, with loads of functionality you seldom use and they potentially come with a hefty price tag as well, or they are lightweight in any sense of the word, including a serious lack of core features. We developed the freely available tool Boomerang for our own needs and we are using it consistently throughout our projects. It is… Read more

Are annotations simply drawings on an image or document?

Ok, so we have this cool annotation feature built-in into Mac OS X's Preview utility that comes bundled with the operative system. And, there are loads of other programs that allow you to draw annotations - more or less - easily onto an image or a document. The problem is that a majority of these applications are drawing programs destroying the original document by placing annotations directly on the… Read more

Annotations, annotations ...

A new version of our annotation tool was released today, currently in use by the photography community Nikonians. The new release of Annotate Expert, V1.30, supports TIFF and PDF annotations in addition to the various RAW formats and JPG that it already supports. Another feature now included is tethered shooting, something that is of interest for auditors of construction sites, architects and real-estate… Read more