Google Maps for iOS with iPad support

Yesterday Google unveiled a Google Maps update, supporting Apple iPad devices. The enhanced features include Indoor walking directions and a new interface for browsing shopping, dining and lodging destinations.However, the most notable addition might be the support for the iPad and iPad mini, that was a highly requested feature since the iOS Maps app moved away from Google's mapping data in iOS 6.… Read more

Nokia Lumia 1020 features 41 megapixel camera

Nokia has unveiled a new device featuring a 41 megapixel camera enabling users to zoom in and reframe their photos without worrying about the lower image quality.As informed by BBC tech news, analysts who have tested the device said that „it was without doubt the best smartphone camera on the market".This is the second time Nokia has fitted a 41MP sensor to one of its phones, the last year's Pureview… Read more

Highest-rated tablets by CNET

CNET editors have recently updated their list of best choice tablets focusing on iOS and Android devices.1, Apple iPad 4th generation - The best version of the iPad yet is also the best tablet on the market. If you're new to tablets, this should be your first choice.2, Google Nexus 7 (16GB) - rated by CNET as the best small tablet. Still the best small tablet, the Nexus 7's smooth interface, fast performance,… Read more

Apple applies for iWatch trademark in Mexico and Taiwan

After applying for iWatch trademark in Japan, identical applications revealed in Mexico and Taiwan on Monday this week.Apple had requested protection of the "iWatch" in Mexico and Taiwan just two days prior to yet another application in Russia. „All requests pertain to computing hardware or, more specifically, portable computing devices", reports the to a report by MacRumors,… Read more