enprovia® initiates another University co-op

enprovia® Software Engineering has recently started cooperation with another university, after Bratislava, Banska Bystrica IT department gets a chance to work directly with the industry. Getting value and credibility by cooperating with software engineering company, University of Matej Bel welcomes this opportunity. A few months ago enprovia® initiated a meeting with the head of the IT department at… Read more

Mobile device volume is not everything

It is clearly stupid to only count how many devices you have sold without considering if you made a profit on the sales or not. According to this blog, it is clear that that is exactly what Google is doing with Android. The article is well worth reading and discuss fair share profit analysis among others, what makes a lot of sense in a growing market such as the mobile segment.When it comes to business… Read more

All on mobile-enabling your enterprise data

The global community AIIM, providing education, research and certification for information professionals, held a webinar on one of the number one IT topics these days. The webinar on „How Mobile is your ECM? 3 key ingredients to make it so" was held yesterday, May 15. The main areas covered at the webinar were Workforce becoming increasingly mobile, Sharing of documents and content with project groups… Read more