One in three U.S. smartphone subscribers use Apple's iPhone

The published a survey with stats on the smartphone market share of Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. According to the report iPhone is accounting for one out of every three handsets while its rival Google captured 52.2 percent of the market.Out of the 234 million Americans older than 13 and belonging to a mobile device owner category, 25.6 percent use a Samsung product,… Read more

CNET iPhone 5 review

The popular online reviewer had a closer look at the fifth generation iPhone and claimed it was the iPhone „we have always wanted."On the plus side the iPhone 5 adds everything users wanted in its predecessor - the iPhone 4S: 4G LTE, a longer, larger screen, and a faster A6 processor. Its design was by CNET evaluated as sharp, slim, and feather-light.As a not so positive CNET states the fact… Read more

iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

The latest update to Apple's mobile operating system - iOS 6 is now available on compatible devices such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, third-generation iPad, and iPad 2.It is possible to update smart device to iOS 6 by launching the Settings application, tapping "General," and then choosing "Software Update." Users can also download and install iOS 6 on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by plugging it in… Read more

Must-attend imaging event starts tomorrow

The world's largest trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries Photokina opens its gates from 18 till 23 September 2012 in Cologne, Germany. It is the photography highlight of the year, bringing together professional and amateur photographers, experts and fans, exhibitors and interested participants from all over the world. Photokina offers imaging professionals from around the globe an… Read more

Is Mobile Enabler solution for you?

Mobile Enabler middleware architecture by enprovia® provides remote access to data and increases the number of mobile device types that can connect into the system. The architecture itself runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers and is easy to install and operate. It is easy to extend existing functionality thanks to the OSGi plugin architecture, with a variety of connectors compatible with several… Read more

CEATEC Japan to take place October 2-6

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) - a cutting-edge IT and electronics trade show regularly features new technologies from various electronics makers. This year's Japan exhibition is to take place from 2nd till 6th October.The event annually attracts around 170,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors and it is a place for companies to reveal their latest products and services and to… Read more

iPhone 5 much awaited launch

The whole tech world was looking forward to the Apple's annual event expecting the announcements of the next generation iPhone as well as some other devices. The expectations have been fulfilled.  The new iPhone is thinner, faster and comes with a bigger screen then it was in the predecessing generations. The fifth generation iPhone comes with a Dual-core Apple A6 CPU and runs the iOS 6 and it features… Read more

Using enprovia enterprise apps for efficient workflow

All managers working also on the go besides spending a lot of time in their offices, HR managers, Sales consultants, and even team leaders might highly appreciate mobile-enabled document management system that provides users with permanent (online and offline) access to corporate data just using a smartphone or a tablet. If you are more into field work as an engineer and you deal with Maintenance and… Read more

Kindle Fire v Nexus 7 v iPad

The published a comparison of features and specifications of Kindle Fire v Nexus 7 v 'iPad mini'.The Kindle Fire HD offers the same better screen quality and more storage for the same price and faster access to content such as films than the Google Nexus 7. It is a problem for Google, which has been cutting it fine with the Nexus 7 and it is a proble for other Android tablet makers,… Read more

Brighthand's most popular smartphones for August publishes a list of most popular smartphones based on their online voting. This shows which devices are the Brighthand readers most interested in.August list shows the following ranking:1. HTC One S - The One S sports a large touchscreen, 4G (HSPA+) capability, and was the first handset from T-Mobile to feature Android OS 4.0.2. Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung's flagship smartphone for… Read more