Mozilla Firefox OS nightly builds released for testing

Mozilla informed about the launch of its very own mobile operating system for smartphones, Firefox OS, earlier this year. Users can now get the nightly builds of the mobile Firefox OS from Mozilla's official website, however users can only try out the OS on their computer.The builds available from the Mozilla site offer an x86 compatible Boot2Gecko run time and it can be useful for Gaia developers.The… Read more

Most popular mDMS features

enprovia® mDMS business app provides its users with permanent access to data stored in DMS or ECM systems. It provides all necessary support for your teams' workflow and communication. Among the most popular mDMS features are: Federated search - providing precise search results within seconds Data upload - allowing you to upload images, text and voice data Notifications of changes - sending you an… Read more

OS X Mountain Lion system upgrade release

Apple's OS X Mountain Lion supports sharing data to social networks and features a notification panel similar to that found on many smartphones.Since the first update announcement the OS continues to introduce features to its desktop and laptop families that have already been implemented on its iPad and iPhone mobile devices, such as  upload and synchronise functionality or the introduction of the… Read more

iPad mini expected to debut after iPhone September launch

Apple Inc. is expected to release a slightly tweaked version of its existing iPad parallel to their 7-inch model after the sixth-generation iPhone launches in early September.Analysts assume Apple is set to debut a next-generation iPhone in early September and will follow up with a smaller 7-inch iPad model shortly after. However, iPhone unit shipments shouldn't see a massive bump during the launch… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales hits 10-million mark

Samsung's flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 with a quad core processor and a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display has met the sales expectations. Galaxy S3 was expected to surpass 10 million sales figures by the end of July this year. The report of Korean news agency claimed that the company hit that milestone in less than two months after its official release in May. Head of Samsung's mobile division told… Read more

Easy-to-use ECM client for Mac users

Using ECM clients can sometimes become a bit confusing, especially when the program is not very intuitive and makes us think too much about how to use various features. Enprovia's ECM client for Apple Macintosh users named "BlueJet" is a native, east-to-use Mac OS X client that enables its users to manage their corporate data easier than ever before. For the best possible support BlueJet features easy… Read more

Chinese debut of Apple's third generation iPad

On Friday Apple launched its Retina display-sporting iPad in China and the third-generation iPad launch went off without any difficulties.It came as a surprise as many have become used to long lines and overnight waited to purchase the new products. In January Apple was forced to stop sales of the popular iPhone 4S on its launch day as a large group of customers misbehaved after hearing that the handset… Read more

Where to spot smartphone apps by enprovia®

If you have already tried a demo of any of enprovia smartphone apps and you are wondering where to get them from, here is the list of places to spot them easily: mDMS that enables you to access your corporate data remotely in online and offline mode can be found on iTunes and Android Market. mShop is an app that turns your eCommerce into mCommerce providing users with immediate market access. It is… Read more

Using eForms for instant data processing

enprovia® eForms is a tool for creating easy-to-process questionnaires for instant data collection, such as surveys, feedback or public polls. Filling out these electronic forms is very simple and gives you quick access to all collected information.  To insert data into an eForm you need to open the eForms app on your smartphone device and enter your password. After you enter your password a new window… Read more

iPhone 5 release could push Apple to annual sales of 170 million units

The latest Gene Munster survey conducted on 400 consumers showed that 65% of Apple smartphone owners also expect their next phone to be an iPhone. Of those polled, only 19% expect their next mobile phone to be Android.The Munster research mentioned that 52% of the survey group consisted of current iPhone owners. The same survey found that 51% of the consumers who plan to buy an iPhone as their next… Read more