RIM BlackBerry to focus on business clients

As guargian.co.uk informed today, Research in Motion is to pull back from trying to compete with Apple's iPhone and the Android mobile platform and prefers to return to its original focus on business users.RIM claimed they will focus their future efforts on devices that „employees would want to buy on their own and bring to the corporate environment". RIM was exploring partnerships and other opportunities… Read more

Smartphone as your office

At today's overload of smartphones with various business apps, they are no longer just communication devices, they have become rather walking offices and smart assistants. Various apps and features enable us to multitask and reach out for information, data or people with less and less effort. This multitasking computing through smartphones can become even more efficient when using just one tool to… Read more

Mobile eForms support your secure data storage

If you ask what can eForms do for you in your daily data management processes, the answer is simple. eForms allow for an easy data collection and processing, it is an application enabling to collect feedback or any data in the form of electronic forms using a smartphone or tablet. eForms is a solution with out-of-the-box support for Apple iPad, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android helping its users… Read more

Meet Asus PadFone

Taiwanese electronic giant has introduced their latest device combining a tablet PC and smartphone - Asus PadFone. Company's additional effort lead to expanded savings with one data plan for two devices and expanded view from 4.3" PadFone to 10.1" PadFone Station, although both devices offer similar features.PadFone runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and features Qualcomm Snapdragon… Read more

When offline means fully accessible

Remote access to corporate files and all digital assets even in offline mode means a lot of support for your team workflow. Using mobile-enabled Document Management System in offline mode is easily possible and requires having the data located in your smartphone after you have searched them. All data you have remotely accessed can be securely stored in Vault storage and used when there is no internet… Read more

Get alerted when enterprise document is changed

Getting alerts every time a change occurs in important corporate document not only saves time but also allows for quicker and more flexible reaction and decision making. Using Notification of changes keeps you synchronized with your corporate database and all documents, or better to say all digital assets in it. If you need to manage your enterprise documents remotely via mobile-enabled Document Management… Read more

Nokia Lumia phones coming to China

The Finnish mobile giant Nokia is planning on launching their Lumia series smartphones in Chinese market to balance their losses. Launching company's windows-based devices might help Nokia to keep up a bit more with its rivals.Announced at the Mobile world congress in Barcelona this year, Lumia series should be available in China in April. According to the available information it is debatable if China… Read more

Android retains lead in UK smartphone market

Google Android is now back at the top of the UK's smartphone market as the latest stats from February 2012 indicate that phones running Android comprised 48.5% of smartphones sold.Apple's sales share fell back to 28.7% which is however higher than the 22.7% it made up over the same period in 2011. RIM's share rose from 16.1% to 17.1%.Kantar ComTech surveyed people in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy,… Read more

16 HTC smartphones for Ice Cream Sandwich

The newest version of Android - the Android 4.0 known also as Ice Cream Sandwich released last year is yet to feature on most Android handsets. The new update can however take a few months. Fortunately, HTC announced 16 devices that will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update quite soon and the Android fans can only hope other companies will follow.Among the first phones to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update… Read more

Adding data to your system using mDMS upload

Sometimes one finds himself in a situation when a newly created corporate document or an important note needs to be added into company's database remotely, directly from a meeting, after a press conference or presentation. Data synchronization and further processing by other associates can be a crucial aspect adding the needed flow to your communication and decision making.   Uploading data into your… Read more