mGallery provides photographers with a remote access to their photos

enprovia mGallery is a portfolio solution for professional or semi-professional photographers who would like to showcase their work remotely via smartphone or tablet, having their portfolio at their fingertips at all times. This solution uses a large online gallery (cloud service) from which the images are retrieved. Images can further be viewed in different resolutions. Among other useful and user… Read more

When waiting becomes efficient

Sitting in a meeting, waiting at the airport, travelling by train½ You can always reach for all your documents, e-mails, images or presentations if using smart document integration app. We normally use more devices and apps to reach for various data, accessing various backends and now it is possible to use one application to integrate all backends we need to access. Using a federated search to seek… Read more

iPad 3 launch expected next week

The latest rumors indicate that Apple is expected to launch the third version of the iPad in the middle of next week. The company invited some journalist to an event in which they should „see" something and since this is a date close to the one-year anniversary of iPad 2 launch, there are reasons why to expect this to be the iPad 3 unveiling event.Some information lead to a clue that the new iPad will… Read more

Voice notes direct upload into DMS/ECM

Just like uploading the notes from your last briefing or meeting can save you a lot of time and internal communication, voice notes upload via smartphone can do the same trick. Recording a crucial part of a presentation, meeting, interview or comments related to a certain project, campaign or strategy can be afterwards quickly uploaded into your corporate database where other colleagues entitled to… Read more

Remote corporate data upload via smartphone

Having a remote access to corporate file system comes handy not only if you need to look up a certain file, contract, profile, or image. It also helps a lot if you find yourself in need of adding some data into the corporate database. Sitting at a company meeting, discussing crucial contract adjustments, the latest product campaign or strategy, you make a lot of notes that need to be implemented into… Read more

mDMS supporting efficiency of your department

Mobile access to corporate data has become a new business trend everybody is hooked on. Flexibility and fast decision making is crucial and having the right information at the right time can be a life safer. Current trends are showing the need for importance of immediate data updates and efficient decision making based upon it. Being informed about all changes done in the corporate files gives a great… Read more

Live coverage from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

This year's Barcelona MWC promised an extraordinary event with a lot to see and experience. The organizers provide all happenings from the congress live, available through various media. There are already eye-catching presentations going on, unveiling new devices and apps, the last one to be the Nokia Lumia 900, about an hour ago. This year's congress program includes more than 30 focused conference… Read more

LG to launch first glass-free 3D smartphone

LG is preparing to launch its new glass-free 3D smartphone Optimus 3D max. Company's first 3D smartphone was introduced last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and at this year's MWC, happening right now, introduced their brand new concept of the 3D set.The new glass-free 3D device brings a lot of new features and comes with a faster 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal… Read more

Fastest way to get enprovia enterprise apps

If you are interested in how enprovia apps can increase your work efficiency, you can get the apps today from one of the following sources. mobile-enabled Document Management System - a remoteaccess to your corporate data, enabling comfortable advanced search among documents and digital assets, as well as direct file upload and safe offline storage. Available at Apple iTunes, Android market, AppOlicious,… Read more

Presenting a bit differently

A presentation does not necessarily require a projector and the unmistakeable powerpoint layout. There are much cooler and comfortable ways how to dazzle your listeners at a company presentation. Presenting e.g. a marketing campaign to your colleagues can go smooth as well if you use a tablet in combination with mobile-enabled document management system. The mDMS allows you to choose any files (documents,… Read more