Receiving important alerts directly to your smart device

Are you asking how to receive alerts about important changes in your enterprise documents directly into your smartphone? With enprovia's mobile-enabled document management system it is a swift action requiring clicking on notification button and choosing "Subscribe to changes". This is also the way to unsubscribe. Using the notification of changes you stay comfortably up-to-date having an overview… Read more

Apple releases iOS 5.1 beta

Apple has released a new iOS 5.1 beta for developer testing on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices supporting iOS 5.0. As informed by the the beta contains references to next-generation iPhone and iPad models. The 5.1 software includes also enhanced dictation support during the text input on some devices and there is a chance that at least the speech recognition part of the technology… Read more

Field engineers supported by eForms

When some time ago pilots stared bringing on board their aircrafts iPads with information such as operating manual, safety checklists, logbooks for entering airplane performance data, navigation charts, weather information, airport diagrams, etc.  instead of pile of documents it came as quite a shock. Now it is time for field engineers to spin the electronic wheel with processing information using… Read more

iPhone sales in UK boost in October

Data released by ComTech research company show that the UK iPhone sales tripled in October, meaning that nearly half of UK adults own a smartphone (44.8% of the British population). Looking at the figures we learn that Apple's iPhone took 42.8% of UK smartphone sales in October alone, ahead of all Android phones, which took 35% in the same period.The figures published by ComTech indicate that the UK… Read more

Apple, Hitachi & Sony working on 4-inch iOS device

The latest rumors indicate that Hitachi and Sony have teamed up to supply Apple with 4-inch LCD displays for an unspecified iOS device that should be launched in 2012.As informed by „Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation have begun shipments of 4-inch LCD panels to Apple for unspecified iOS device due next year." Further info brought by claims that the… Read more

Top 5 Tablet PCs according to CNET

This week CNET revealed their list of the highest-rated tablets from its editors.1. Apple iPad 2 (16GB, Wi-Fi, black)  The iPad 2 refines an already excellent product. Its easy-to-use interface, vast app catalog, and marathon battery life bolster Apple's claim to being the king of tablets.CNET ranking: excellent2. Sony Tablet S (32GB) Sony took its time with Tablet S, and it shows. The industrial design… Read more

Pushing on-the-go business

Retailers, businessmen, managers, they all follow the latest trend in keeping their business stand-by at all times. Communication, correspondence, payments, notifications and much more is provided by still more popular smartphone apps.Enprovia provides its customers with several smartphone apps providing best possible on-the-go support of one's business.enprovia mobile-enabled Document Management System… Read more

Apple unlikely to overtake Samsung

After publishing the third quarter smartphone sales results we learned that Samsung was ahead of Apple. Despite this statistics Apple Inc. is expected to trail Samsung Electronics in this quarter. Apple's smartphone sales increased after launching their latest device iPhone 4S this year in October so observers are eager to see if Apple will manage sufficiently enough to overtake Samsung.Based on the… Read more

Remote access to your digital assets

A lot of us have already faced various difficulties with finding the right document, image or audio file just when it was most needed. Not talking about situation when we wish to have certain data on us but we don't. Important meetings, presentations, conference calls may all require additional data that are no at our fingertips.  With Mobile Digital Asset Management (mDAM) app installed to your Smartphone… Read more

Nokia Lumia 800

Information published by The Guardian today predict that the Windows smartphone will shift between 500,000 and 1m by Christmas. According to the published information Nokia's Lumia 800 (went on sale last Wednesday in the UK and five other European countries) handset is set to sell fewer units by Christmas than Apple took in pre-orders in a single day for its latest iPhone.Lumia is currently available… Read more