BlackBerry three-day service outage consequence

RIM BlackBerry experienced a three-day service outage a few weeks ago and some consumers in the USA and Canada have decided to sue Research In Motion for the inconvenience. The service failure touched mostly e-mails, browsing and instant messaging leaving millions of BlackBerry users on five continents frustrated and angry.Research In Motion's co-chief executives apologized to millions of BlackBerry… Read more

Foto Slovakia triggered interest in the Nikonians photo community

The largest international online Nikon photo community The Nikonians introduced itself at Slovakia's largest photo event last week and triggered a lot of interest among Slovak photo and Nikon fans. There already are a couple of thousands registered members from Slovakia among Nikonians hundreds of thousands member community and Slovaks were interested in knowing more about advantages The Nikonias offers.The… Read more

Receive alerts on your smartphone when your enterprise document is changed

If you need to manage your enterprise documents remotely via mobile-enabled Document Management System it is not only search and browsing of documents you are after. Having all the up-dated information for a proper decision making is equally relevant. The Notification of changes functionality of mDMS helps its users stay posted at all times. This small icon notifies you of all changes happening in… Read more

Samsung boosting up its Smartphone sales

As informed by Milton Keynes, a U.K.- based Strategy Analytics today, Samsung shipped 27.8 million smartphones in the last quarter, taking 23.8% of the market. Apple's 17.1 million shipments represent 14.6% of the market. According to the available statistics, Nokia takes the third position among the smartphone giants.Apple held the top rank for one quarter and Samsung with a new strategy has turned… Read more

Sony takes full control of Ericsson mobile venture

Japanese electronics giant takes full control of mobile phone joint venture Sony Ericsson to catch up with its biggest rivals Apple and Samsung. The company is buying out its Swedish partner for €1.05bn.As informed by The Guardian, the Japanese electronics giant said that the mobile phone operation would be integrated into its consumer division - which includes TVs, tablets, PCs and the Sony PlayStation… Read more

Cheaper iPhone in 2012 to increase sales in China released an estimate that „lower-priced iPhone could generate a nearly three-fold increase in demand for Apple in China, as its device leads soaring demand for 3G handsets and smartphones, according to a new analysis."Morgan Stanley investment bank reported that among 3G handset Chinese customers hesitant to buying Apple's iPhone, 85% list price as the key factor in their decision… Read more

Nokia takes the smartphone battle

At the annual Nokia World event in London the CEO Stephen Elop  unveiled two new models with the hope of a business turnaround on the success in the Smartphone environment dominated by Apple and Google Android.The Lumia 800 is equipped with Microsoft's Windows Phone interface with price of €420. The other smartphone unveiled at the event was the Lumia 710 with clear focus on the mid-market, priced… Read more

Taking advantage of mDMS offline mode

Remote access to your corporate files is a little tool bringing a lot of comfort. However, there a more to it than just the access when being in a wi-fi environment. Mobile-enabled Document Management System gives you opportunity to use its potential also in an offline mode.Once you have searched and loaded all data you needed to your smartphone, you can have it securely stored in so called "Vault"… Read more

Trendy Mobile Digital Asset Management

Having access to your digital assets at all times represents an important management tool that makes your life easier and decision making process smoother. Digital assets at your fingertips at all times come handy especially when you need to spend time out of office since it always is just that particular piece of information that we lack in an important meeting. Mobile-enabled Digital Asset Management… Read more

Apple to join the LTE club?

2012 is expected to be the year of intense competition among 4G-capable long-term evolution smartphones. According to some predictions, Apple might join with its own LTE iPhone model.Most of the 4G share of smartphones in the USA is held by HTC, although more competition is expected next year. Other vendors like Samsung, Motorola and LG sell LTE-enabled models. Analysts and market observers expect… Read more