Direct document upload info DMS

One of the useful functionalities of mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) is the direct upload of documents into your corporate DMS or ECM.Uploading textual docs is done in a few simple steps. At first you open the folder you would like to place the data into. Next you click on the arrow at the top right corner and select the "Text upload" option. Now you are ready to start processing your… Read more

Outages ahead of iCloud transition brought information that their readers have noted being unable to access MobileMe Mail as they reported experiencing outages of Apple's current cloud service.Apple's info regarding its web service currently states that 25% of members may be unable to access MobileMe Mail. There are also some members who may not be able to access web apps and Find My iPhone.MacRumors noted… Read more

Foxconn to produce Amazon 10.1" Tablet?

Foxconn Electronics might win the contract to produce the 10.1" Tablet after previously passing on orders for the new Kindle Fire from Amazon. The DigiTimes reported that industry sources claim Amazon will continue its long-term relationship with Foxconn by outsourcing production of its 10.1" Tablets to the manufacturer.Based on recently unveiled information the 7-inch Fire sells for $199 and is a… Read more

The last Nokia N9

The latest Nokia N9 model is expected to be the final non-Windows Smartphone before company launches devices based on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 software. The touchscreen N9 will be the only Nokia smartphone to run Meego software.Details of the first Windows Phone device are expected to be announced on 26 and 27 October in London and there is already some info available, the device will use a micro-SIM… Read more

Document-centric applications you should have in your Phone

Many business people use their Smartphone devices to mange their business issues as well as to get more efficient workflow. Nowadays it is possible to choose from a range of apps to pump up your business. Those among document-centric solutions running on most commonly used smartphones are e.g. mobile-enabled document management system (mDMS) and mobile commerce (mShop).mDMS enables you to access and… Read more

Amazon to launch an Android-based tablet

Based on the recent Amazon's activities it seems that the company is ready to join the tablet market and is set to launch a rival device to Apple's best-selling iPad.There isn't much information available at the moment but the device is called Kindle Fire. More info was expected to come at the recent press conference, none was released.The Smartphone industry is not the only Apple - Amazon battle field.… Read more

THE NIKONIAN finally in your iPad

If you are one of those who like using their time efficiently, you might enjoy the new service provided by Nikonians in cooperation with enprovia. Thanks to the mobile-enabler technology you can now enjoy all the info that magazine THE NIKONIAN brings just by using your iPad. Enabling the magazine content via iPad is a result of the recent cooperation. Getting some additional information while waiting… Read more

Digital Assets mobile enabled

Access your corporate digital assets library via your Smartphone device and have your digital images, videos and audio files at your fingertips at all times. Team of developers at enprovia developed an mDAM - mobile Digital Asset Management app to ease our decision-making processes on the move helping you stay in the picture easily.With the Mobile Digital Asset Management app you have access to your… Read more

Apple and Samsung, the battle of Tablets

The recent law claim between Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. enters a new legal stage. Based on the info brought by media the growing legal battles between Samsung Electronics and Apple can influence even the growth at the fastest-growing divisions inside the Korean firm.There will be a US court hearing in October about an injunction case in which Apple is trying to block imports of the Galaxy S… Read more

QNX BlackBerry Superphone

Some rumors have been spread around claiming that the upcoming QNX BlackBerry Superphone will be a "Mini-PlayBook". Based on the available info it should be nearly identical to the PlayBook, including a front-facing camera. However, it should be much smaller in size.BlackBerry Superphone's video chat capabilities should be deeply integrated into BBM. Perhaps the BBM video chat will enable its users… Read more