Motorola trying to restore long-term profitability

Motorola Mobility is trying to restore their long-term profitability even in competition against Apple  and Samsung Electronics (using Google's Android platform as well). Motorola Mobility delayed the release of its Bionic phone to September and cut the price of its Xoom tablet to $499 from $599 to attract more customers.The Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Jha confirmed that the decreased price had… Read more

Apple's next iPhone vs. Samsung's Galaxy S II

In 85 days Samsung managed to sell 5 million Galaxy S II Smartphones,  making it the fastest-selling handset in the company's history. On the other hand, Apple is far ahead with its iPhone 4 sales figures and it is expected to begin selling the next iPhone, which, in addition to other improvements, is sure to be the first with a dual-core chip, what can attract even more Smartphone geeky fans.The sales… Read more

First year of mGallery

mGallery - mobile-enabled application for photographers - celebrates its first birthday these days. Twelve months after its official launch, mGallery has been a great success especially among Nikonians - a huge online community for Nikon users and all fans of photography and imaging technology.   mGallery offers photographers a variety of features to make their photography portfolio easier to present… Read more

enprovia® mobile enabler behind the scene

This easy-to-install and operate java-based mobile enabler middleware architecture runs on UNIX, Linux and MS-Windows servers, and provides connectors with backend support for Scalaris® ASP, WebDAV-enabled DMS's, Alfresco® and Microsoft Sharepoint® DMS / ECM and ASP services. It easily integrates with DMS, ECM, BPM, CRM, e-commerce and social network services and its connectors are available for various… Read more

Smartphone Apps by enprovia®

There has been a number of blog entries written in this forum focusing on mobile apps by enprovia®. Here you can find the complete list, also with sources of further product information and demos:mDMS - Enables you to access your corporate data when you are not sitting in your office.… Read more

Apple stores in Shanghai bursting at the seems

A year after opening a flagship store in Shanghai, Apple faced a problem that any retailer would envy... their huge store is already too small. And what is even better for the company - the other Apple store (just four miles away) is also packed with eager Apple device fans.As the company stated, Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai are now the four most heavily trafficked Apple stores in the world.… Read more

Take advantage of mDMS offline mode

It is not only the online access to corporate documents that mDMS is offering its users.  If you are asking what an mDMS can do for you in an offline mode, here come some answers½Knowing that you need to have some docs available in your Smartphone after you "lose" the internet access (especially when travelling), you can store all needed documents into the so called Vault area (A password protected… Read more

Apple releases the Lion

Apple has finally released the Mac OS X Lion operating system that was long-awaited among all Mac fans and IT professionals.Based on the information provided by Apple, OS X Lion which is the eighth major release of the operating system, has more than 250 new features. These include new multi-touch gestures, support for full-screen apps, Mission Control, which lets users view everything that's running… Read more

enprovia® BlueJet - Little app helping big

How easy it is for you to manage your corporate data on Mac? With "BlueJet" - enprovia® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) client for Apple Macintosh users - it is as easy as it can be.This app enables its users to manage their corporate data, including features such as easy editing of documents within ECM and DMS systems, synchronization of the local document copies with ECM or DMS, uploading documents… Read more

Apple's year-on-year iPhone sales

Apple has had another record quarter, also thanks to strong sales of iPhones, iPads and record sales of Mac computers. The company also made it official, that the next version of the iPhone would be released in September, proving the previous rumors right.As the chief executive, Steve Jobs, claimed on Tuesday this week, the firm's revenues were $28.57bn (up 90% year-on-year) and profits $7.31bn (up… Read more