Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet for the enterprise launched

The new Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet designed to fit the enterprise environment brings enterprise-friendly features such as a fingerprint reader, SmartCard reader and a pressure sensitive stylus for handwriting or capturing signatures. It also offers advanced security options which are always highly appreciated and welcome by all business users.Security is a much used word when it comes to Smartphone… Read more

Smartphones make business more sophisticated

Many reports and surveys indicate that the Smartphone market should grow 50% till the end of 2011. Since the need for sophisticated and more technologically advanced devices is inevitable and present in everyday enterprise daily routine, it would be interesting to watch the near future development.Innovation in this area is already moving at such incredible speed that Smartphone manufacturers are releasing… Read more

Research estimates 830 mil enterprise Smartphone and Tablet app users by 2016

In a recent study conducted by ABI Research, users of enterprise B2E and B2C Smartphone and Tablet mobile applications are forecast to grow and exceed 830 million active users by 2016. Obviously, enterprises are leveraging their stores of corporate data to make employees more efficient and customers more satisfied.  A lot of mobile application providers currently offer cloud services as a component… Read more

New generation iPhone on the horizon

Apple is on track to build the next generation Smartphone which name hasn't yet been decided upon. According to The Guardian, the new version will look very like the iPhone 4, but it may dispense with some of the visible buttons on the side of the device for volume control.The reports vary from one another assuming that the new phone will use an A5 processor like that included in the iPad 2 and feature… Read more

Choose the right Tablet and the right app

Not sure which Tablet might suit best for your enterprise purposes? Have a look at general information on Tablet PCs...Let's starts with probably the most powerful Apple Empire½ using operating system iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch brings a certain familiarity across Apple's most popular devices. The easy-to-use iPad with its impressive selection of apps and media, are generally most evaluated… Read more

Nokia unveils N9 - an all-screen Smartphone

Nokia has launched a new Smartphone, the N9, at a conference in Singapore, which will be ready for the commercial launch later this year. Company's  primary Smartphone strategy announced at a telecom conference is to focus on the Windows phone. A newcomer in the market dominated by Google and Apple, the N9 model comes with a large touch screen and is available in three colors.  Nokia has been losing… Read more

The latest information about your corporate documents thanks to "Notification of changes"

We have all been there... Dozens of documents stored in our corporate DMS or ECM systems, dozens of people having access to those documents and dozens of changes done to those docs every day. It can become quite messy and a bit complicated to keep the track of all contracts, project documents or customer demands.Mobile-enabled Document Management System (mDMS) functionality named "Notification of changes"… Read more

Apple reaches more to enterprises thanks to iPad and iPhone

Adoption of the iPad into enterprise environment has been impressive and is still ongoing. Apple's success in the enterprise can be a result of its ability to bring the iPad to market as a finished product meeting users' major needs. Since enterprises are less likely to take risks on an unproven platform than individual consumers, Apple definitely wins big.Having a good device based on a proven technology,… Read more

Manage your business smarter, not harder

A significant portion of your business success stands on the ability to respond quickly to the change and make the right decisions when needed. But who can dedicate 24 hours a day to a business? Personally no one, I would say. That's why we use smart devices with even smarter apps to help us cope with it. I cannot be in charge of all the corporate data 24/7, but when something changes, I need to be… Read more